Interapt students engage in a rigorous introduction to computer science fundamentals, software engineering principles, and software development. They begin with basic programming concepts like variables, conditional logic, control flow, and functions. Then learn about object oriented programming, systems design, software development life cycle, mobile frameworks, UI/UX design, and how to deploy applications to app stores.

Students experience a project-based, Silicon Valley Environment with professional programmers. They go through the process of breaking down a project into tangible tasks and learn the skills needed to complete them. Graduates exit the program with business, life and technology skills giving them a competitive edge over other job applicants. 

Interapt partners with a variety of non-profit organizations to bring our apprenticeship program to ethnically diverse and financially-challenged communities

Interapt’s Military Apprenticeship focuses on training transitioning Soldiers, Veterans and Military Spouses.

Interapt handles all apprenticeship registration and reporting with the Department of Labor, so you don’t have to.

Once you hire an apprentice, you can simply assign an experienced programmer to supervise the individual while they complete their apprenticeship hours. Interapt will gather feedback, track their progress and satisfaction, and submit all the reports.

Many of the participants in Interapt’s programs come from diverse and challenged backgrounds. We seek out those with capacity to learn, then teach them the skill sets needed for today’s gig economy. 

Interapt partners with nonprofit and government agencies to remove barriers, provide life skills training, and to prepare them for today’s workforce environment.

Interapt’s training and assessments ensure individuals who successfully complete the training are job ready. We train people who like what they do and bring value to your organization.

Hiring Partners are encouraged to offer individuals full-time positions as they earn their apprenticeship certification. Their appreciation for your support results in above average employee retention.

Apprentices salaries are a fraction of market rate. The Department of Labor suggests employers pay apprentices a percentage of a journeywork’s salary, then increase periodically as they meet milestones and continue to improve and complete their apprentice hours. The savings in wages is more than the cost of the training. 

Interapt’s apprenticeship can retrain your workforce for a single employer, or scale to fill a whole community’s tech workforce needs. These needs are constantly evolving for today’s businesses, so Interapt works to develop new curriculum every 4 to 6 months. This adaptable curriculum helps employers fill their open tech jobs while also helping their IT department meet the demands of their latest technology projects.


Every step of the way, Interapt is working to ensure that apprentices are job-ready and a good fit for your business.

Past Data Interpretation

We keep a detailed database that captures characteristics of past participants and how they performed throughout the program. This data is analyzed to give us more insight into the qualities that make good applicants.

Applicant Assessment

Candidates complete a variety of online and in-person assessments that determine their aptitude toward software development and their drive to be successful.

Apprentice Training

Apprentices participate in a rigorous introduction to computer science fundamentals, software engineering principles, and software development.

Our Technical Skills options currently include Java, Swift and MERN stack.

Hiring Partner Interviews

Apprentices will complete a résumé and GitHub portfolio that showcases their code enabling hiring partners to preview their work before they hire. Hiring partners can also observe classes, participate in career fairs, and conduct interviews.


Apprentices that land jobs with one of our hiring partners or with Interapt, spend their final 9-12 months in the program developing and maintaining software as junior-level developers or analysts, with the goal of working toward a permanent role after completing the 2,000 apprenticeship hours


Interapt monitors report tracking, checks in with the apprentice's mentor/supervisor regularly, reports all data to the Department of Labor (DOL), and ensure apprentices meet DOL requirements for certification. Interapt also checks in with apprentices regularly to ensure their mentors are providing sufficient support



OPTION 1: Hire Apprentices

Interapt’s training programs strengthen your community's workforce development needs and bring your business:

Reduced Payroll Expenses

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, apprentices should be paid 50% of the wages of a journey worker, giving your company hard-working tech talent at half the price.

Dedicated Employees

Apprentices appreciate the opportunity employers offer them, so they tend to stay with those employers longer than software developers who are easily poached by competitors.

A Growing Workforce

With low unemployment and a reduction in foreign workers, apprentices become a skilled and home-grown workforce right in your own community.

OPTION 2: Outsource Your IT Services and Projects

When you outsource your work with Interapt, that enables us to hire more apprentices and allows your company to:

Leverage Excellence

Our development team has mastered most popular programming languages and frameworks. These include. but are not limited to: MERN Stack (Mongo, Express, React, Node), Java, Android, Python, C++, Angular, iOS, Swift, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails

Improve Business Outcomes

Interapt provides standardized operational processes and best practices that help improve your service levels and outcomes. Our expert business analysts and software developers work together to ensure your business processes run efficiently and exceed expectations

Reduce IT Spending

Interapt makes IT costs predictable by providing contracts with fixed costs. We enable you to reduce the overhead costs of recruiting expensive IT talent, while also giving you access to top quality performers

Focus on Core Projects

Our business is technology. Yours isn’t. So keep your teams focused on your core competencies and business development. Meanwhile, let us keep your systems running, take care of necessary upgrades, and seek out ways to leverage new technology that will help you boost business performance and improve outcomes.

Utilize the Latest Technology Faster

Want to leverage new technology to implement a business idea? Interapt’s team of experienced business analysts and software developers stay on the cutting edge of technology, so they can guide you through the decision making process so selections come quickly and implementations of new programs don’t interfere with your core competencies.

Make Employees Happier

Outsourcing IT work to Interapt lets your employees focus on the jobs they were hired to do, while an IT outsourcing vendor provides reliable systems that let them get more done. When employees no longer have to perform tasks outside their expertise, they become more productive at their core tasks, more satisfied with their work and less likely to burn out and leave.