Interapt Helps Urban Institute Build National Framework for Registered IT Apprenticeships

[LOUISVILLE, KY – WASHINGTON, D.C.] September 25, 2018 – Interapt has partnered with the Urban Institute to help set national standards for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Registered IT Apprenticeships. IT apprenticeships across the nation will use these standards to ensure their apprentices receive credit for training and experience received, no matter where in the country they end up finding technology work.

Interapt’s first apprenticeship program, indeed Kentucky’s first Registered IT Apprenticeship, was recently featured in a New York Times article that highlighted graduates who had turned dire circumstances and a struggling job market into new careers in technology. There is a growing national interest in Registered IT Apprenticeships because they can help employers solve a growing technology skills gap within today’s workforce that is leaving thousands of technology jobs unfilled, stalling the growth of our economy, and often excluding thousands of capable working individuals from the prosperity offered by technology careers in today’s job market.

Urban Institute, a D.C.-based economic and social policy nonprofit contracted by the federal government to build frameworks for Registered Apprenticeships, selected Interapt as subject matter experts to refine its requirements for Software Developer and Database & Cloud Administrator apprenticeship tracks.

“Interapt is actively proving the IT apprenticeship model, both here in Kentucky and now expanding to cities like Atlanta, because we believe there’s talent everywhere that can solve our skills gap,” said Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal. “Many companies try to fill their open tech jobs by looking outside their local labor pools for candidates, but our apprenticeships have successfully grown tech talent in places where many people haven’t thought to look, and created new opportunities in areas that need them most.”

Gopal continued: “We feel proud that Urban Institute and the Department of Labor recognized the success of our program and selected us to help them define national apprenticeship standards. Successful IT apprenticeships are a big win for both the public and private sectors, as they open pathways for more people to fill open tech jobs, which spurs economic growth and prosperity within communities. As technology continuously becomes more advanced, these apprenticeships will be needed to prepare more citizens for next generation jobs.”

“The Interapt team has provided invaluable expertise and guidance to our team at Urban Institute as we continue to apply structure and cohesiveness to Registered Apprenticeship competency-based frameworks in Information Technology ,” said Diana Elliott, Director of Urban Institute’s Competency-Based Occupational Frameworks for Registered Apprenticeship Project. “Interapt led the way in establishing Kentucky’s first Registered IT Apprenticeship program so they could grow job-ready tech talent closer to home. As that program continues to succeed and expand, both within Kentucky and nationwide, Interapt is proving their aptitude and commitment to developing IT apprenticeships that mutually serve America’s workforce and employers.”

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