Interapt Partners with Shadow Ventures to Build Tech Ecosystems and IT Skills in Tech Nascent Markets

Interapt and Shadow Labs join to create new opportunities in cities around the globe


[ATLANTA, GA – LOUISVILLE, KY] July 16, 2018 – Software development firm Interapt has partnered with Shadow Ventures through their Shadow Labs program to build inclusive technology ecosystems in industries and regions traditionally excluded from technology.

Interapt specializes in transformative technology services and workforce training for Fortune 1000 companies in multiple industries. Through their Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program, Interapt Skills, they empower humans with the technical, business and life skills needed by today’s employers.

Interapt’s collaboration with Shadow Labs will give startups and innovative companies the funding, project management oversight, and resources they need to stay ahead of the tech curve, no matter their location and industry. This further demonstrates the commitment Interapt and Shadow Labs share towards empowering people and communities through technology.

“Our labs act as a space for industry innovators to gather, share advice, and ultimately solve for a massive talent gap that prevents these ecosystems from organically flourishing in regions and industries that are often ignored,” said K.P. Reddy, founder of Shadow Ventures. “Interapt shares belief in the transformative power of disruptive technology, which is why we are so excited about the opportunities this will create.”

Through this partnership, Shadow Lab members and Interapt Skills students will gain the opportunity to connect and grow together.

“As Interapt grew, finding qualified software developers held us back,” said Interapt Founder and CEO Ankur Gopal. “We began training non-traditional workers to code, and soon set the standard creating the first IT Registered Apprenticeship with the Department of Labor in our area. We have learned that lots of people have the capacity to program, but many have never been given the right opportunity. Interapt provides that opportunity, connecting them with businesses who need IT workers to keep growing at competitive rates. It’s a true win-win-win partnership between individuals, companies, and communities.”

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