Interapt’s Top Ten Tech Moment’s April 11th- April 15th

Flexible Screens To Hit The Wearable Tech This Year

Zachary Walton, WT VOX

Conform to a recent article published in the ETNews, a Korean IT news site, it seems that after investingone billion in flexible OLED screens back in 2015, LG has started the mass-producing of the foldable screens. The news continues with LG’s decision to supply its foldable screens to a “corporation in the U.S. or at least with the headquarters in U.S.”


Twitter Grabs Streaming Rights for Thursday Night Football

Brian Feldman, New York Magazine

The NFL and Twitter announced earlier this morning that the social network had acquired the global rights to stream ten games of Thursday Night Football. According to Re/code, the company paid the NFL less than $10 million for the rights, “while rival bids had been higher than $15 million.” That makes this practically an act of charity. 


Reddit launches its first official apps for iOS and Android

Sarah Perez, Tech Crunch 

Reddit’s long-awaited native mobile applications – the first-ever to be built by the company in-house – have now launched. Available today for both iOS and Android, the new Reddit app will not only serve as the official means for accessing Reddit on mobile amid a sea of third-party clients, it will also replace Alien Blue, the popular third-party application the company acquired back in fall 2014, as previously announced.


Twitter Swaps Out Two Board Members

Peter Kafka, Recode

It took longer than Twitter wanted, but the company has named two new board members: Pepsi CFO Hugh Johnston and Internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox are in, and Peter Currie and Peter Chernin are on their way out. This was a move Jack Dorsey and co have been trying to make since February. It’s not clear it’s precisely the move Dorsey originally wanted,  since neither Johnston nor Fox are Famous Media People like Shonda Rhimes, whose name came up in these discussions a couple of months ago.


Snapchat now lets emoji follow you around inside a video

Ashley Carman, The Verge

Stationary, one-size-fits-all emoji are so yesterday. Android Snapchat users can now attach emoji to specific objects in their videos that will move, rotate, and scale automatically as the object moves throughout the snap. The update will come to iOS in the coming weeks. Make sure to add the emoji through the sticker button, as opposed to the text box, to get them to be interactive.


A paralyzed man’s brain implant let him move his fingers to play a guitar video game

Arielle Duhaime-Ross, The Verge

Thanks to a brain implant, Ian Burkhart can use his hand to play video games for the first time since the accident that broke his neck six years ago. The finding, published today in Nature, is the first instance of a person living with paralysis regaining the ability to move simply by thinking.


IBM is building a cognitive computing research center with the University of Illinois

Natalie Gagliordi, ZD Net 

IBM is forming a new cognitive computing research center in partnership with the University of Illinois.Big Blue said Friday the planned Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research (C3SR) will be housed within the College of Engineering on the University of Illinois Urbana campus.


Coachella is getting into virtual reality, too

Emily Blake, Mashale 

The music festival in Indio, California, kicks off its 17th year on Friday, and while its tried and true features will still be there —  the Ferris wheel, the enormous art installations and more flower headbands than you ever asked for — there will also be a ton of shiny new toys meant to prove, like the Tupac hologram did in 2012, that the festival is still ahead of the tech game.


Tiny Nanocraft May Sail to Neighboring Star System

David Jones, Tech News World, 

Stephen Hawking and billionaire Yuri Milner on Tuesday unveiled Breakthrough Starship, an ambitious US$100 million effort to send miniature spacecraft to another solar system, but the program might not be quite ready to fly. It calls for a team of engineering and astrophysics experts to develop nanocrafts with sails propelled by a light beam that would allow the devices to zoom to the Alpha Centauri star system at 20 percent the speed of light.


Meet Naked, a mirror that tracks your body’s changes

Lily Prasuethsut, Wearable

Losing weight is one goal of wearing fitness trackers, but it’s not always easy to see the pounds you’ve lost from the steps your Fitbit Alta is tracking or the muscle you’ve gained with your Atlas Wristband. Simply stepping onto a scale also won’t tell the full story of your hard work. Even though you’re eating better and exercising on the regular, the numbers might stay the same or even go up causing confusion, frustration and ultimately a loss of motivation.

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