The Story Behind Interapt’s New Branding in 2016

Q: What is Interapt’s new brand position?

[Design Team]: Our new brand simply updates the face of the company to better represent how our people, our process, and our products have grown and matured within the past few years.  Put another way, it reflects Interapt’s modern identity more accurately than our former aesthetic.  Our mission has grown beyond doing great work to include our own personal and professional growth in the service of others, particularly in healthcare and the development of technology in Kentucky.

Q: What are some new initiatives for 2016?

[Design Team]: As a design team, our continuing mission and top priority is improving the user experience of our products. We want Interapt’s solutions to reflect our ongoing learning process, and keep our designs on the leading edge of mobile and wearable UX. We also plan to grow as we bring on new members, train them to work within our process, and together create even better experiences for our clients.
For the Interapt brand in 2016, we want to work on brand recognition and making sure the updated brand resonates across all platforms, including our products, print and digital promotional material, and in the interactions we have with our clients and partners.

Q: What concepts and hidden meanings are behind the new Interapt logo?

[Design Team]: Yes, there are two big changes for our logo:

The shape: The form of the logo is intentionally ambiguous. It can be interpreted visually in many ways, which reflects our versatility. It resembles a nut (of the nuts-and-bolts variety), which is a basic tool; in the same sense, software has become a basic tool that businesses need to achieve their full operating potential. The brighter edges to the left and right look like HTML tags. HTML is a fundamental language used in programming and coding, which is how Interapt creates business solutions. The shape’s lines create a circle/hexagon, and all its lines point towards the center. This signals collaboration and unity. There is a distinct inner space and outer space, showing that we take time to develop ideas internally, and we look outward, to our community, to our partners, and to continuous learning.

The colors: Our primary color is SaaSy Red (with its complementary Ruby Red), a bright, energetic color; aesthetically it says we are vibrant, passionate, and lively. The brand’s secondary colors, CSS Blue and HTML Green (with complements Agile Blue and Lean Green, respectively), provide variation. Having a multi-colored brand, and using those colors interchangeably, shows off our fun side and makes our branded materials more visually interesting!

Q: “Inspired by Innovation” is the new tagline. Can you explain what that means to you?

[Design Team]: We like the idea of inspiration because inspiration usually precedes action, and that reflects our motivation to move beyond the “idea” phase and into execution of those ideas.  What compels us as a company to do better, to keep learning, and to make a great product is always some kind of inspiration; but that inspiration may differ from person to person, so we’ll be defining what “Inspired by Innovation” means to each of us by posting quotes from the Interapt team to our social media periodically over the next few weeks to explain “what inspires us.”  We think our followers and fans will learn that, while the things that inspire us individually may differ, our whole team can agree that innovation–or at least sensible and sustainable innovation–is what drives us to work hard and keep building great things together.

Watch this video and hear why we’re excited about our new branding!

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