Interapt’s Top Ten Tech Moment’s March 28th- April 1st

Are you getting HD Netflix? A crazy number of devices still don’t support 1080p

Ted Kritsonis, Digital Trends

You’d think that, with a fast enough Internet connection, watching Netflix in HD – or even 4K Ultra HD — would be a foregone conclusion, but did you know there’s a whole host of devices that can’t get Netflix in HD? Netflix doesn’t dole out HD to just anyone. Vendors and service providers need the golden pass first before they can display any Netflix content at the higher resolutions. In other words, that device you have may not be serving up the HD goods, and it would seem it’s Android users who are getting the rawest deal.


Google may reportedly add augmented reality support to its camera app

Ken Yeung, VentureBeat

Google is rumored to be looking at bringing augmented reality to its camera app. If that’s true, the company would leverage technology from Google Goggles, allowing you to see relevant search results like nearby restaurants, transit information, and recommended retailers.


Uber is recruiting engineers through an in-app coding game

Amar Toor, The Verge

Uber is scouting for potential hires through hacking challenges offered to users during their rides. The challenges are appearing in the Uber app under a heading that reads: “Code on the Road.” Several Twitter users have posted screenshots of the mobile game, and Uber confirmed to Business Insider last week that it’s using it to find new talent.


FBI finally hacks iPhone, ending court battle with Apple

Christina Warren & Sergio Hernandez, Mashable

Apple’s battle with the FBI is over — at least for now. The U.S. Department of Justice said Monday that investigators were able to use a new technique to hack into an iPhone that was used by San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook. As a result, the government “no longer requires the assistance from Apple” to break into the phone — and is dropping its efforts to compel Apple to crack its own iPhone encryption against its will.


Microsoft is adding the Linux command line to Windows 10


Chris Welch, The Verge

Microsoft is reaching out to Linux developers in a way that the company never has before. “The Bash shell is coming to Windows. Yes, the real Bash is coming to Windows,” said Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo on stage at today’s Build 2016 keynote. The announcement received an uproarious applause from the crowd. The new functionality will be enabled as part of this summer’s Anniversary Update to Windows 10.


Microsoft’s HoloLens starts shipping to developers today

Edgar Alvarez, Engadget 

We knew that Microsoft would be shipping the first wave of HoloLens preorders to developers today, but now we’re getting a peek at what that kit will look like. Inside the box, you’ll of course find the mixed-reality headset along with a sleek carrying case for when you want to take it to a friend’s house. There’s also a device called Clicker, which is designed to help you navigate the user interface. If you missed out on the first wave of preorders, Microsoft says it will fulfill the rest over a period of two to three months.

Billy lets you track your subscriptions and bills in a simple app

Sarah Perez, TechCrunch 

A new app called Billy wants to help consumers more easily manage their subscriptions and bills, by keeping track of your fixed costs and recurring payments, and make these accessible via a simple mobile interface. That means tracking monthly payments like rent, alongside subscriptions to a variety of services like Dropbox, Apple Music, Spotify, Playstation Plus, Evernote, Google Drive, Netflix, your cell phone bill, and many more.


Here are 14 actual pictures of Tesla’s $35,000 Model 3

Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch 

The car clearly borrows much of its design language from the Model S, but it’s hardly just a miniaturized clone. The front end, in particular, is wildly different. From this angle, the front actually reminds me ever so slightly — of the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ (which, really, is a good thing — the front of that car is friggin’ gorgeous)

Happy 40th birthday, Apple! Go back in time to see the Apple I, the first iPhone, and more

Julian Chokkattu, Digital Trends

It’s been 40 years since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold their prized possessions to begin working on the Apple I computer. Whether the creative process took place in a garage or not, it was then that one of the world’s most valuable companies was born. Over the years, Apple survived tumultuous times to become one of the most easily recognizable brands today. Even as it steps into middle age, Apple continues to draw eyes and headlines for every step it takes.


Proof that Snapchat is Facebook’s biggest threat yet

Dan Frommer, Recode

Facebook has been able to contain prior threats, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, through acquisition or cloning. But Snapchat may prove to be the one that got away. The most important thing about Snapchat is that it is still rapidly growing in popularity. That is, it’s not a fad. Snapchat is regularly in the top five most popular apps in Apple’s and Google’s U.S. app stores.

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