Key Announcements from the March 2016 Apple Event

If you hadn’t heard (let’s face it, you probably have), yesterday Apple hosted an event to announce new additions to their iPhone and iPad product lines, along with updates to several other Apple projects.  While some (let’s face it, most) viewers seemed to think that this Apple Event was kinda boring, we put together this handy recap of some of the announcements to keep you informed:

Liam the Recycling Robot

If you’re like us, you take pride in being eco-friendly (we’re big on recycling), yet each time you get a new iPhone, you wonder what to do with your last one. Inevitably, it ends up sitting in a drawer for years, forgotten, gathering dust. Now, with Apple’s ‘Liam’, a robotic arm who recycles iPhones, getting rid of your old iPhone is easy and good for the environment! Parts can be recycled for use in solar panels, bits used on cutting tools, and more. Through Apple Renew, you can take your old phone into an Apple store and participate in the recycling program.


iPhone SE

Back in September 2014 when the iPhone 6 Plus was revealed, many were taken aback by its massive size. Let’s just say, a few memes and jokes were made. Like these:


Welp, Apple definitely heard these jeers.  At this latest Apple Event, the iPhone SE was revealed, a 4-inch phone with the same features as the iPhone 6 such as True Tone flash, live photos, and TouchID.  Baby hands everywhere rejoice!

iOS 9.3

Apple’s newest operating system is ready for download! Our favorite new feature is Night Shift, which changes the screen colors to the warmer end of the spectrum, allowing all us night owls to drift off as we scroll mindlessly through our social feeds without the smartphone’s typical blue light affecting our circadian rhythms.


Apple Watch price drop and new bands

The top selling smartwatch in the world, Apple Watch is now more affordable, starting at $299. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know that wearable tech sales surged in 2015. To keep the pace going Apple is cutting prices and offering new bands like a woven nylon band. Such fashion. Much affordable.




Apple’s latest addition to its Research Kit platform is CareKit, a framework for app developers to build health apps that help caregivers and patients take a more active role in managing wellness. The first CareKit app is aimed at Parkinson’s Disease, and is already being used by six institutions to improve treatment and diagnoses.

Want to know even more about this Apple Event?  You can rewatch it and catch up on other announcements here:

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