3 Major Takeaways from HIMSS 2016

Last week, I traveled to the HIMSS 2016 conference in Las Vegas, with over 40,000 health IT professionals, vendors, and consultants in attendance. It was exciting to see startups, scale-ups, and big corporations come together to explore how the latest technology can help make people healthier. In particular, there were three takeaways from the conference that resonated with me the most:

Commitment to Interoperability

Hospital systems made a commitment to make interoperability a reality. Health IT developers that provide 90 perecent of all records services to U.S. hospitals are banding together with the country’s biggest health systems, alongside a dozen professional associations, to help ease the free flow of information in healthcare. Major players involved are making promises in three specific areas tied to interoperability, including bolstering consumers’ access to their records; refusing to block information from other systems; and implementing national interoperability standards.

Partnerships between startups/scale-ups and large companies

With the strong call-to-action for interoperability and coordinated care tools through digital health, larger companies need to get behind and support startup companies to help them innovate faster. Startups are running into the issue of the need to hire more people to meet the bandwidth of their projects. Whether the larger company is investing in the startup’s products or investing in their technology, this supports healthcare innovation and gives a person a job.

Samsung Gear VR

I was invited to be a guest of Samsung and saw what virtual reality will look like through , and it’s exciting. Because of Samsung and Oculus, virtual reality is finally affordable and this will make consumers more adapt to this new technology. An investment from healthcare companies will strengthen the technology of virtual reality and it could dramatically improve patient care.

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