The Reason Your Industry Needs That App Might Not Be What You Think

By Judy Mosley

Women in technology is a hot topic. While many might argue that opportunities in the field have leveled for women, statistics reveal the reality.  According to the Huffington Post, at Google, women make up 30 percent of the company’s overall workforce, but hold only 17 percent of the company’s tech jobs. At Facebook,15 percent of tech roles are held by women. For Twitter, it’s 10 percent. For non-technical jobs at Twitter (think marketing, HR, sales), the gender split is 50-50.  As much as the conversation revolves around changes in the industry, the proof is in the pudding and, currently, it’s simply not sweet enough.

Yet, while women in the industry is one thing, women who use technology tells a different account. For the majority, more women than men are using apps in their daily life. While men are more likely to own technology such as the Apple Watch and Google Glass, according to Investor’s Business Daily, more women than men are engaging with social media, gaming, fitness and weather apps. Both women and men equally engaged with finance, stock, and investment apps. Men only led the statistics with sports and books apps.

These statistics reveal a key market that industries may be overlooking. By implementing apps that women can engage with, the impact does not end there. Women are influencers, innovators, life givers, visionaries, and creatives. They are the mothers, the wives, the sisters, and the friends of the world. When a woman makes a discovery, typically, the first thing that she does is share it. As technology is becoming the norm in every day life, finding and engaging with those who are open to it can make all the difference in an industry’s ROI.

And, hopefully, the more women that engage with technology will become the creators of it.

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