Interapt’s Top Ten Tech Moments February 22nd- February 26th


Jenna Busch, Nerdist 

This week, the Federal Communications Commission ruled that you can get your cable through devices besides your company’s cable box. The ruling means that instead of having to rent the box from, say, Time Warner or ATT Uverse, you will be able to add that subscription onto your Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and Roku boxes.


HTC Vive priced at $799, available in early April

Vlad Savov, The Verge

The HTC Vive, which made its big debut at Mobile World Congress last year, returns to Barcelona today with an official $799 price and a February 29th preorder date. Announcing the price of the Vive Consumer Edition a day before MWC’s official kickoff, HTC has detailed the full kit that will come with the Vive and also added the news of smartphone functionality for the VR headset.


Snapchat now lets you create your own Geofilters for parties and events


Napier Lopez, The Next Web

If you’re a Snapchat user, then you know the serendipitous feeling of travelling somewhere or attending an event and discovering new Geofilters – overlays for your snaps that can only be shared from that specific part of the world.Now Snapchat is letting anyone pay to create On-Demand Geofilters for others to use.


Reactions Now Available Globally

Sammi Krug, Facebook Newsroom 

Every day, people come to Facebook to discover what’s happening in their world and around the world, and to share all kinds of things, whether that’s updates that are happy, sad, funny or thought-provoking. News Feed is the central way you can get updates about your friends, family and anything else that matters to you, and the central place to have conversations with the people you care about. We’ve been listening to people and know that there should be more ways to easily and quickly express how something you see in News Feed makes you feel. That’s why today we are launching Reactions, an extension of the Like button, to give you more ways to share your reaction to a post in a quick and easy way.

Eero is the home WiFi solution I’ve been waiting for

Nicole Lee, Engadget 

Instead of having just one router be the main WiFi hub for the whole house, the idea behind Eero is to use multiple hubs that talk to one another — each Eero device does triple duty as a router, a range extender and a wireless access point — essentially creating a mesh network for the home.


LG’s modular G5 is its most daring flagship phone ever

Chris Velazco, Engadget 

LG is in a tricky position: starting with the G2, it’s made consistently lovely flagship smartphones, but it can’t even crack the top five top-selling mobile brands. The time has come for something seriously off the wall, and, well, LG went for it. Say hello to the LG G5, the most ambitious smartphone the company has ever made.

Doctors implant 3D-printed vertebrae in ‘world’s first’ surgery

Andrew Tarantola 

Ralph Mobbs, a neurosurgeon at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, made medical history in late 2015 when he successfully replaced two vertebrae with custom made prosthesis. The patient, in his 60s, suffered from Chordoma, a particularly nasty form of cancer that had formed on his top two vertebrae and threatened to cinch off his spinal cord as it grew. That would have left him a quadriplegic.


New Levitating 3D Printing Technology Prints In Mid-Air

John Biggs, Tech Crunch 

A new “levitating” 3D printing technology pioneered by Boeing uses a central nugget of magnetic material. The nugget floats above another magnet (or via acoustic waves) and can be twisted and turned as necessary, allowing access to the object from all sides. Multiple 3D printing heads can then deposit material onto the object at once, creating a far faster solution.


How to use Low Power Mode on the iPhone to save battery life

Samantha Murphy Kelly, Mashable

By flipping on the iPhone‘s Low Power Mode, it temporarily reduces power consumption until you can fully charge your phone; essentially, it puts a hold on battery-sucking features like mail fetch and background refresh. You’re probably already familiar with Low Power Mode — Apple sends a notification when you hit 20% battery life, asking if you want to engage it.

MasterCard launching selfie payments

Alanna Petroff, CNN Money 

MasterCard wants to ditch the old-fashioned password and use selfies to approve online purchases.The company announced it is launching new mobile technologies that will allow customers to authenticate their online purchases using selfies or fingerprints. The technology will be rolled out by big banks in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and some European countries over the next few months.

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