Does Your Business Really Need An App?

We live, breathe, and celebrate mobile apps at Interapt.  That’s why, at a recent Louisville Digital Association event, a few Interapt team members discussed how to determine whether your company needs a mobile app, and what it takes to have one built. The crowd included special guests from Louisville’s Meyzeek Middle School as the reigning champions of this year’s VZW Innovative App Challenge.

The answer to the question “Does my business need an app?” is almost always “yes,” so where does a business start from there?  Interapt’s Director of Sales Steve Fowler, Senior Designer Caitlin Cambron, and Operations Manager Jared Giles kicked things off by describing a mobile app project lifecycle, from idea phase to implementation.

First, they advised a business should first narrow down the strategic business goals that would benefit from an app solution.  This helps define project scope early on and facilitates planning the roadmap of the product’s development and future state.  Next, this set of goals can turn into high-level requirements that help a development team determine what’s needed to build the project.  Then the development team divides tasks and plans the project timeline, and proceeds with building, testing, and eventually implementing the project.

Fowler emphasized that it takes a really good team in place for any app development project to achieve its goals.  “You want users to not be able to make through the day or workday without using your app. You have to put yourself in your user’s shoes and perspective. For the app to be a success, they have to want to use it,” said Fowler.

At Interapt, with the help of our Operations Jedi, Jared Giles, we work to keep our operations, development, and design teams focused on creating quality products that users can’t live without.  LDA and Interapt share a forward thinking and frictionless vision for the future of mobile app development.  That’s why we both share ideas and strive to help Louisville’s digital community grow.

Learn more about Louisville Digital Association by following their social accounts to attend the next monthly meeting!


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