3 Ways PowerMap Improves Site Selection

PowerMap has already been recognized by Economic Development professionals as a “first of its kind” tool that could provide competitive advantage in the site selection process, but we still felt it was worth exploring three particular ways PowerMap helps improve it for any economic developer:


  1. Location, Location, Location


Economic Development professionals using PowerMap can leverage its GPS technology to pinpoint their current location, then quickly and easily display StateBook International’s extensive database of workforce facts, narratives, and economic trends linked to the physical site they’re viewing in-person.


By instantly providing data such as an area’s availability of skills, detailed workforce data, other available sites and buildings, and quality of life attributes, PowerMap helps site selectors get a much more robust sense of a location’s viability while they’re on-site, helping them make better notes and observations in-the-moment.


  1. Time Is Money


By using PowerMap, site selectors can pull deep statistics about a potential site instantly via StateBook, rather than requesting this information through third-parties like the Public Works Commission and possibly waiting days or weeks to get it.


This also means site selectors don’t have to think of all the information they want to pull before visiting a site; they simply arrive, open the app, and pull up whatever data they’re interested to know about that location instantly.


PowerMap users on mobile devices can also leverage their device’s features, like screenshots and the camera, to easily snap and compile images that help build a more robust portfolio of possible sites so site selectors can reference them later in the site selection process.


  1. Data Is Power


An instant, on-site determination of service territory boundaries could help site selectors save significant costs thanks to tax and other incentives offered by competing service providers like Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.


Should you decide to partner with PowerMap to develop it for your own territories, the app itself can provide useful insights on how site selectors are using the app.  App administrators can learn which locations are generating the most searches and better understand what workforce data is most interesting to users.


These are just a few of the main reasons we really believe in PowerMap as an innovative tool for economic development.  But instead of taking our word for it, we urge you to give the app a spin yourself with a free download:




  • Surfin’ the web on desktop? PowerMap’s got you covered: DataIsPower.org


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