Interapt’s Top Ten Tech Moments: November 23rd-November 27th

Microsoft yanks latest Windows 10 release from its download server

By Ed Bott, ZDNet

The November update to Windows 10 was available to user that had been running the new OS for atleast a month and upgraded it to version 10586. Now, the update apears to have been stripped back to the launch version and Microsoft also changed its Windows 10 installation notes. Microsoft responded to an article on ZDNet, stating:

The November update was originally available via the MCT tool, but we’ve decided that future installs should be through Windows Update. People can still download Windows 10 using the MCT tool if they wish. The November update will be delivered via Windows Update.

Microsoft has not pulled the Windows 10 November 10 update. The company is rolling out the November update over time – if you don’t see it in Windows Update, you will see it soon.

Facebook will now offer to hide your exes from you after a breakup

By Casey Newton, The Verge

New tools will pop up on Facebook when you go to change your relationship status. The tools have three major components: limiting how much of your ex you see on Facebook; limiting how much your ex sees of you on Facebook; and limiting people’s ability to see past posts where the two of you are together.

A wearable tech start-up introduces a smart bracelet

By Biran X. Chen, NYTimes Bits Blog

Caeden, a wearable tech startup, thinks that with most of these smartwatches and fitness accessories, an important first step was skipped: they don’t look like you would want to wear. The one year old company is opening orders for Sona, its smart bracelet. The bracelet includes the usual senors you would find on a fitness gadget for counting steps, but also a heart rate sesnor that can measure overall health and stress levels.

Samsung’s Gear VR headsets sell out in hours

By Jennfer Faull, The Drum

Samsung said of the reaction to its launch: “We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response Gear VR has received from reviewers and eager buyers alike. We are working hard to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.”

Hot on the heels of the Samsung Gear VR roll out is the expected launch of Oculus Rift’s own consumer headset, due for release in early 2016.

Volkswagen is issuing AR glasses as standard factory equipment

By Andrew Tarantola, Engagdet

Following a successful 3-month pilot program at is Wolfburg plant, Volkswagen announced on Tuesday that it will begin issuing 3D smart glasses to its plant logistics personnel.

Stratsys puts 3D printers to work for brain surgery practice

By Natalie Gagliordi, ZDNet

The Israeli tech firm teamed with a medical research facility in Buffalo, New York, to 3D print anatomical models of a patient’s entire brain bessel anatomy before she underwent a medical procedure to treat an aneurysm

Amazon force-resets some account passwords, citing password leak

By Mike Snider, USA TODAY

Amazon has force-reset an unknown number of accounts, after passwords may have been compromised. Users said they received an email from Amazon to reset their account password. The message was also sent to their account message center on, and, confirming the message is genuine.

Microsoft Launches PowerApps and makes building business apps easier

By Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

Microsoft today launched PowerApps, a new Office-like service that makes it easy for virtually any employee in a company to build basic mobile and web-based business apps–and for IT departments to enable them to do so. The new service is now officially available in preview.

Tattoo prototype turns body art into a fitness tracker

By Adario Strange, Mashable Tech

A small team called Chaotic Moon has come up with a tech powered tattoo concept that could work like a fitness tracker in terms of monitoring your body’s functions. It is called Tech Tat. The company says the Tech Tat is made using electro conductive paint and in a promotional video one of the team suggests that it could be used to monitor a person’s heart rate, pulse, and body temperature.

Sony has sold more than 30 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide

By Stan Schroeder, Mashable Tech

On Wednesday, the company announced it has sold more than 30.2 million units worldwide, making it the “fastest and strongest” growing product in the PlayStation family.


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