Interapt’s Top Ten Tech Moments: November 9th-Novermber 13th

Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, its Artificial Intelligence Engine

The buzzword “deep learning” is an increasingly powerful form of artificial intelligence. By analyzing thousands of photos, this AI technology can learn to identify an image it has never seen before.


uBeam Declassifies Secrets to Prove Wireless Power Is Possible

uBeam revealed a bunch of details about how far, how fast, and just plain how it can charge a phone without wires. It works by transmitters on a room’s walls track devices with uBeam receivers and send inaudibly high-pitched ultrasound beams at them. The receiver converts the vibrations of the sound into electricity, which charges a connected device.


Leaked Comcast memo says data caps are not about network congestion

After recently expanding its “trial” 300GB monthly data cap in several cities around the Southeastern US, public relations circulated a memo to customer service representatives telling them how to discuss the new plans.


Twitter Plans to Turn Over Its Board, Add More Diversity

Jack Dorsey (CEO Twitter) plans to turn over a lot of board member positions to make room for women and racial diversity, says he is trying to fight the “bro-culture” that has plagued many silicon valley companies


Dubai gives its firefighters twin-engine jet packs to fight skyscraper fires

Dubai signed a deal Monday with New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft to equip its fire service personnel with manned and unmanned jet packs.


Google Self-Driving Car was Pulled Over

Someone posted a photo of a police officer with the Google Self-Driving Car being pulled over. According to Google, it was going too slow. The Google Self-Driving Car Project has capped the speed at 25 mph.


Fossil Group Acquires Wearable Maker misfit for $260 Million

Fossil Group has agreed to acquire Misfit, maker of wearable activity trackers for $260 million in a major deal uniting traditional watchmakers with Silicon Valley talent. Fossil has plans to begin incorporating Misfit’s technology into products resembling traditional watches as early as next year.


Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro launched November 11

The iPad Pro is Apple’s largest iPad yet, with a 12.9-inch 2732 x 2048 resolution display, a powerful A9X processor, a super slim design, and a four-speaker audio system. Apple began taking online orders for delivery and in-store pickup on November 11.

Microsoft Teases the Future of Powerpoint with New Designer Tools

Microsoft just unveiled two new tools for Powerpoint, Designer and Morph that make it easier for people to add custom photos and animations to slides. The tools will be available to Office 365 subscribers in the coming weeks


Apple shutting down Beats Music on November 30th

Beats Music’s  launched in January 2014 and was built on top of MOG, a music service Beats acquired in 2012. Now, Beats Music’s transformation into Apple Music is almost complete. Beats has announced Beats Music will shut down Nov. 30, after which the music streaming service will no longer work. Existing Beats Music users are advised to switch to Apple Music for iOS or Android, the latter which launched Tuesday in beta.

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