CrossPaths Mobile App Project

Layovers, cancelled flights, and delays are all a part of the traveling experience. Sure, some people are traveling with family or friends to their destination, but what about those who only have one ticket? Who said going on an adventure and traveling has to be lonely. That’s what Connecting Paths, LLC co-owners Shivang Patel, Emir Tenic, Roger Bodenbender, and Phil Dossett wanted to conquer with a mobile app.


They wanted to create an experience during traveling that included companionship and made it more social.


To solve their problem, Interapt created the mobile app CrossPaths.


Here’s how it works:


First, CrossPaths connects to your Facebook account.  Then it lets you add your arrivals and departures into the app, and tells you of other people who are going to be on the flight. You can then look through and tag whomever you like, letting them know you are interested in meeting them. CrossPaths sends you push notifications letting you know if you’ve been tagged, keeping you up to date. With the app, you can see your friends who might be on a flight a few days behind or a few days ahead of your flights. You can then change your flight accordingly with the airport in order to travel with them. It recognizes all major airports around the world, so there’s no need to worry if you’re traveling abroad either.


Co­-owner Shivang Patel travels to India annually, often alone, and conceived CrossPaths as a way to pass the time during long journeys by connecting with fellow travelers who are on similar journeys. “More than once, I have encountered friends during my travels by pure coincidence, and often I wondered if I could actually plan on meeting my friends like this?” said Patel. “I realized there was an opportunity to make this happen using the capabilities of a mobile app, and the idea of CrossPaths has consumed me ever since.”



Why is this important?

CrossPaths brings a great deal of opportunity to not just vacationers or business travelers, but also to students. Whether it’s a flight for spring break or study abroad, CrossPaths brings a new level of socialization through mobile technology. This app is providing a platform to integrate your social network with you travel plans and make the most of your idle time as you travel.



Why Interapt?

Patel explained why Connecting Paths LLC chose Interapt to build the app: “Interapt provided us a one­stop shop for all our needs, both technology ­related and post-­development marketing, which fit our budget. They have experience working with small startups like ours and provided invaluable guidance. They have done a great job with the mobile app, and it’s been a fun experience collaborating with them to develop CrossPaths.”


CrossPaths can be downloaded to Apple devices on the App Store and is currently only for air travel. However, they are looking to expand to other modes of transportation in the future!



Connecting Paths LLC is currently seeking funds to complete an Android version by fall of 2016 through crowd-funding projects starting in mid-September 2015.


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