Aaron Henry Looks Back On His Internship

Going into this internship I was excited to gain first hand experience in the marketing field. I entered this internship not knowing exactly what to expect, but I am leaving with a clearer understanding of how to reach new demographics while engaging target audiences by learning how they react to information presented to them.

As the Social Marketing intern, I was given the responsibility of monitoring the company’s social media platforms and to create meaningful content to share with our target audience. The higher number of people we can reach through social media increases the chance of possible leads to contact us. A recurring question I was asked while curating content was, “so what?” It meant “What makes the information meaningful and why is it relevant?” I realized that is the goal for every marketer, to understand the purpose of a product and explain why it should matter to others.

Not only did I learn more about strategic marketing, I had the opportunity to gain new insights from different departments and how they work together. The Development and Design teams, for instance, work closely together to create a product that functions properly, while visually pleasing to attract users. Then, it is up to Marketing and Sales team to reach out and create a need for someone to use the company’s app. Each department of this company is meant to build upon one another. That type of strategy aspires to improve the quality of our work through every step of the way.

I think the most important lesson I’ve learned from my Interapt internship is realizing the value of each person’s role in furthering the company.Since Day One, I felt a strong sense of community within this business. Interapt is more than a team of co-workers that tolerate each other, then go their separate ways at the end of the day; this company is a group of close-knit friends. It’s that kind of work environment that encourages the drive to push forward as a team and grow, rather than working just to making living. It’s that kind of mindset that promotes innovation, because people feel comfortable enough to share ideas freely. I really enjoyed the chance to be a part of this team and I hope that my future career will explore the same ideas as this company.

It’s been a pleasure working along-side the “Interaptors.” Thank you all for the lessons, the laughs and memories.

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