Interapt Intern Spotlight: Becca Bishop

Between trying to get involved on campus, maintaining a good GPA, and keeping a full social calendar, college students question what the value of an internship is more and more these days. At Interapt, internships are the foundation of our company. We strive to educate students during their time in college so they have a valuable experience to take with them for the rest of their professional life. Our laid back office atmosphere makes Interapt the perfect place for students to learn more about industries they want to pursue professionally and have fun doing it.

Rising junior Becca Bisop, majoring in Marketing and Inter-Strategic Communications at the University of Kentucky, was a Social Media/ Marketing intern here at Interapt this summer. She was looking to add valuable skills to her resume and real life experience. By working on marketing campaigns and helping with sales efforts, she had a realization of professional etiquette and how groups work together in the workplace.

Interested in an internship at Interapt? We have positions available on our Marketing/Sales and App Development teams. Email us at

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