Get to Know Togglit, the New Mobile App CMS

In January 2015,  the Interapt development team wanted a way to streamline the development of their current radio apps. The existing backend for the app was not customizable or easy to repurpose for new projects, making it harder for development to meet project deadlines because they required custom work.  As a solution, the team conceived and developed Togglit, a mobile app content management system that allowed our developers to click a button, start making a new app, choose features for the app, and plug in content in a shorter amount of time and with less work.

The development team realized they had a revolutionary new consumer product on their hands, and worked to customize the Togglit CMS as a tool for virtually limitless mobile app customization, one that just about anyone could use. Togglit would control mobile app features such as visual content, advertisements, push notifications, as well as user interface design, all without adding more work to the admin’s to-do list, by automatically pulling data directly into the app via APIs and RSS feeds (if preferred, admins can also create content from scratch).

Using Togglit, admins can easily and instantly update the visual content within the app, specifically their app’s home feed, by inserting new images, links, and information, customizing the “pods” that appear on the app’s Home Feed to control which pods display specific content, where each pod is targeted, and how each pod looks and interacts with app users.

Togglit also offers features for mobile advertisements and promotions. With four ad options to chose from, targeting users is easier than ever before. For example: Want to promote a big upcoming event? Toggle it so that every other click on the event menu option opens a half page ad. Also, it gives advertisers and sponsors options for their space within your app, allowing you to charge appropriate rates for more optimal ad placement.

Admins can use Togglit to send push notifications through the app regarding any new relevant information or announcements and updated content that keeps users in the loop and engaged with their brand. The Togglit dashboard controls all push notifications sent to users, including what happens when a push is tapped, which helps promote user engagement to keep them coming back to the app.

Togglit also offers social media integration so clients get more likes, shares, and follows, capitalizing on any brand-related social buzz. If clients use a hashtag in a social media marketing campaign, Togglit’s hashtag integration feature pulls those social posts into the app automatically with the client’s unique branding and designs.

With the teamwork of the sales, design, marketing, and development teams, the Togglit CMS was designed to control the features that most influence how attractive and successful any app could be, namely how its features work, look, and interact with each other. Though originally built for radio stations, Togglit was built to work with apps for aquariums, zoos, museums, and venues, all of which could benefit from using the tool because they constantly need new content to promote their new events, attractions, and exhibits.

Envision it. Create it. Togglit

Contact us today and ask us questions! Email us at . We pinky promise to give you an app that bring your content to life and allows you to work smarter, not harder.


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