The Key to Success is Good Process

Why is process important to a startup?

When you work at a startup, there is no time to waste. There must be a process in place that encourages proactively communicating ideas with others. But as a business grows, dialogue between and amongst your teams can become scattered. It’s vital for everyone to buy into a system that makes it easier to gather, understand and share concepts. How individual members interact with one another is just as important as the knowledge they possess, if not more so.

How do you make and improve a process?

Meetings are commonplace in businesses to discuss possible issues and tasks that need to be addressed. At Interapt, team standups are structured to give every member a voice and an opportunity to talk about daily functions. Sharing this information can reveal opportunities to improve and produce new ideas or better results. It also provides the ability to pool resources from different departments. For example, Design and Development teams must cooperate in order to create a mobile app that is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Marketing and Sales need to understand how products work so they can be effectively promoted to the right markets and potential new clients.

Collaboration is crucial to achieving our company’s goals, because our team uses a paired programming system to improve their workflow. In this process, two developers work on the same code together, each having a specific role; one is the Driver who is in charge of writing the dynamic and complex code; the other is a Navigator that looks for contradictions in the code while researching solutions for possible problems that could arise in the future. The pairing process is also designed to teach, as having the two switch positions periodically keeps their minds active while discovering new techniques to solving problems and bugs in the code.

Sprint reviews are another key aspect of our process because they produce constant updates on the status of product development. The team will test apps to see how they function, noting what needs to be improved.  Complex products can be built in stages, or iterations, that allow the team to hit milestones and feel confident they’re on-track to meet project deadlines.

What are the tangible results of a good process?

Seeing a working app builds confidence in the team’s work. When individuals can recognize what they have contributed, morale improves and will continue to encourage productivity and effective collaboration during future projects.

Creating an environment that inspires others to actively engage with others drives home the point that each part of Interapt does not function independently.  If one department encounters a problem, the entire company is impacted. It’s very similar to how an app itself functions; if something is wrong with a line of code, the entire product can crash. That is why our team focuses on the company as a whole rather than separate parts, because when we succeed, we do it together.

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