A Whole New Reality with Oculus

What is it?

Oculus is… not the scary movie about a “supernatural crime” that got 3 out of 5 stars.

The Oculus we’re talking about is the cutting edge tech company that is taking virtual reality to a whole new level. These innovators have created new VR technology that makes it easier to “experience anything, anywhere” using a new kind of wearable.

There are two different Oculus products, Gear VR and Rift, both of which are “goggle like” headsets. Gear VR allows one to hook up three versions of the Samsung Smartphone, download VR games, experiences, and even movies straight from their phone and see them in a different light.

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset said to be released to the public in 2016. This cutting edge technology takes you away from your standard 2D gaming, streaming, and connecting and virtually places you in a different world. With state of the art displays and optics, all users will experience a brand new reality.

Why is it important?

Oculus claims to be the “next-generation virtual reality,” taking us into a world that we’re not quite in yet. That is pretty awesome. Oculus allows users to immerse themselves into a world that seems almost real. Users forget that the arms they’re seeing on the screen aren’t actually theirs, or that the villain running towards them won’t actually kill them. Oculus Gear VR and Rift are introducing, at this time, a one of a kind experience.

What are our plans?

We are innovators much like those at Oculus. Interapt develops brand new experiences for users mobilely and with wearables and we do not plan to stop there. As new tools arise in our sites and even in our office, we are ready to start creating something fresh and well, with the Oculus, unreal. We plan to run with this VR set and make the most out of the escapism aspect that it allows users to have by developing practical programs for clients, not just recreational use. But developing a way to watch the movie Oculus on the Oculus would be pretty cool.

For now, we’re just enjoying throwing the Oculus Rift on at the office and plunging ourselves into our favorite action game.

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