Interapt Explains the iOS 9 and Android M Update

The new Android M and iOS 9 are coming soon and there are several new features that will impact the speed and amount of content we can access on our mobile devices. Updates not only improve the device’s performance but also the quality and capabilities for the various apps being used on them. Any update no matter what platform should build upon the user’s experience.

One aspect Apple and Google are focused on is storage space due to the growth of content and the limited supply of data usage. The recent release of iOS 8.4 featuring Apple Music allows users the freedom to stream their favorite songs and engage with artists. Google has found another way to provide storage with their new Photos app. Although the app already existed, it now offers free unlimited storage of users’ pictures. It also utilizes a search feature based on the subject matter of pictures. This allows someone to find specific moments and memories quickly and share them with others.

Mike Nguyen the Technical Lead at Interapt explained his view of the impending updates and how it will affect the company, “As a developer the new iOS/Android provides more tools to make smarter apps. The most important feature in these updates will be contextual awareness. Apps can now understand what the user needs/wants at the moment and gives the right experience for the user. At every iteration of each OS/Android, the developer is empowered with even more tools/features to create apps. That comes with a learning curve every time, of course.”

Siri and Google Now are the primary tools being updated for ‘Contextual Awareness,’ as Mike stated. The goal of these programs is to provide users with less friction between having a need, and finding a solution. These features give people access to more information through intuitive understanding of users’ actions with their mobile devices.

The technological landscape is rapidly evolving, which opens up new possibilities to create and build upon ideas. The goal is to strive to be better than the day before. Interapt strives to develop the latest innovations based on these changing formats. Continuing to learn from each update improves the Interapt team themselves by remaining current with the advancements in technology.

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