President Obama Visits Louisville to Promote Technology Jobs and Programs

This week, President Obama made a special trip to Louisville, stopping at local tech company Indatus to speak about the initiatives Louisville has taken to provide tech skills to the workforce through programs like Code Louisville.

The President’s administration has launched its Tech Hire Initiative to “expand access to tech jobs” and empower American workers with modern skills needed in the new economy.  Recently, Rachel Aretakis of Business First reported that the Tech Hire Initiative would help Code Louisville form a more intensive coding bootcamp.

Interapt currently employs two graduates of Code Louisville, Jared Giles and Travis Allen, and they spoke about their experience in the program and how it has helped boost their careers thus far:

Q: How did you discover Code Louisville?

Jared:  My mom actually recommended Code Louisville to me and said I should apply for it. After she mentioned it I went on the website, researched it some more and applied.

Travis:  I found out about the Code Louisville program initially through a coworker at Interapt (Aaron Pope). I then visited their website online and realized that the program would provide high quality training for my career at no cost to me, and couldn’t turn it down.

Q: What has the Code Louisville experience been like?

Jared:  It was very different from a regular class. What you get out of it is dependent on how much time and effort you put in.  If you put in the work and communicate with your group, then an entire community opens up to you that is very supportive.  We also had mentors that guided us along the way and who were just as supportive as the other students.

Travis:  My experience with Code Louisville has been nothing but positive. Technology and Coding jobs are the jobs of the future, and the program’s emphasis on not just job training, but job placement, make me extremely proud of Louisville (and Kentucky) for deciding to invest in this critically important initiative.  It requires sacrifice and investment from our local business community to foster these new entry-level employees, but in my opinion it absolutely will have a major long term payoff for our city.

Q: How has Code Louisville made you feel more comfortable and confident at Interapt?

Jared:  Code Louisville has helped me understand that, there’s no shame in not knowing the answer as long as you are willing to learn.  When I started at Interapt, I knew my lack of mobile development experience would make it an uphill battle and that I had to be okay with asking for help.  I was able to apply the learning-focused Code Louisville methodology to Interapt, allowing me to be more confident and show more initiative at work.

Travis:  Going through the program has made me much more confident at Interapt.  It has drastically improved my coding skills and made me more comfortable in efficiently completing my work in a timely manner.  And to see the program honored by none other than President Obama himself gives me confidence beyond measure.

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