JA Students Attend Interapt’s Latest Mobile App Workshop

Interapt recently conducted our mobile app development workshop with Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana students from Pleasure Ridge Park High School. The workshop gives students the opportunity to learn about hi-tech innovation and what it takes to design and market an app.

Interapt senior staff led the first segment of the workshop, describing what Interapt does and the start-to-finish process of developing an app.  Students then divided themselves into groups and worked together to form ideas for building, marketing, and designing their own apps.  Once each group had their product outlined and details finalized, they presented them to their peers.

After lunch was served, Interapt had tables set up with mobile and wearable devices like Google Glass Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and Myo Armband.  The students took turns having fun with these and other cool gadgets, eager to explore how they work.  Some students were so happy with how their own product ideas turned out, they took pictures with their phones and asked their teacher if they could continue to develop them.

Interapt regularly conducts workshops for JA students and other organizations that want to expose young people to technology.  If your organization is interested in attending, please drop us a note at info@interapt.com!

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