This Year’s Best of Leadership Summit Features Interapt Intern

This week, the Leadership Louisville Center hosts its annual Best of Leadership Summit, an event built to provide performance-boosting learning and connect participants to a network of accomplished leaders within the community.  As part of the event, speakers are invited to present “Lightning Talks,” 5-minute sessions meant to excite the audience about a new or big idea.

At this year’s Summit, Interapt’s own intern Izaak Pratts will give a Lightning Talk based on his passion for science and technology, and his motives behind founding Yeti Agenda, which focuses on bringing more technology to education.  Izaak took a few minutes to tell us more:

Q: Have you spoken at an event like this before about Yeti Agenda? How do you plan to connect with your audience in such a short amount of time?

Izaak: I have not spoken about Yeti Agenda at an event like this, no. I’ll probably ask more questions than give facts and anecdotes.  This isn’t a hidden problem, it’s simply one we should consider more seriously, since it directly affects our nation as a whole.

Q: Who are some influential leaders that fostered your passion for theoretical science and technology?

Izaak: Hawking and Einstein are obvious choices for science, but also Newton and Alan Turing. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are the go-to role models for entrepreneurship and tech.  What they all have in common is they didn’t just figure something out; they changed the game entirely.  Stephen Hawking culturalized astrophysics and theoretical physics; Einstein and his theory of relativity, the introduction to quantum mechanics; Steve Jobs believed in a philosophy, not a product; and Elon Musk is just crazy. They all taught me to believe in something and think without restriction.

Q: How much did these role models motivate you towards Yeti Agenda’s mission?

Izaak: Really, my passion for technology is just in my nature, and hasn’t been coerced by a tech mogul. In fact, I think it sometimes takes away from the value of new technologies when it’s reduced from a concept to just upgraded hardware and software. The real source of my passion for physics is different. The magic that makes up us really isn’t magic–it’s a science. A value. Something that one day, we can fully understand. But, only until we realize it goes deeper.

Interapt is no stranger to the Best of Leadership Summit–just last year, Founder & CEO Ankur Gopal was a Driving Change speaker at the event, discussing how business leaders and entrepreneurs can utilize the latest technology to champion innovation within their organizations by embracing smart tech, wearable tech, and mobile software applications with a clear sense of the business case surrounding it.

Watch that speech below, or on our YouTube:

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