Interapt’s Guide to the Best Virtual Reality Experience

At Interapt we have been able to experience virtual reality with the Oculus Rift before most people. So in order to better prepare the greater public for VR(virtual reality), we have compiled a list of the top 5 things you need to know before launching yourself into a true virtual experience.

  • Be prepared to do some adjusting
    To ensure the best and most realistic experience you’ll want your headgear to fit perfectly. Adjusting the headstrap in order to make sure the goggles fit around your eyes just right is vital in making sure you see nothing of your real world. Virtual reality only please.
  • Don’t use a rolling chair… Sit on a much sturdier surface
    These experiences are all engulfing, meaning, if you’re in an action game finding yourself literally trying to dodge a bullet would not be out of character. If you’re playing in a chair with wheels you might cause more destruction to the environment around you than the enemy you’re trying to destroy. Which leads into our next tip…
  • Be aware of your surroundings, your actual surroundings
    Make sure you know what and who is around you when you’re playing. After you put the headset on, it’s easy to get turned around. Literally taking a 180 degree turn finding yourself staring straight into the eyes of your CEO, after you remove the goggles, wondering what all the ruckus is.
  • Have a trash can sitting next to you, motion sickness may arise
    Moving. You’re always moving. However, it’s not the same motions or at the same speed of what you’re doing in real life. As soon as you remove the goggles, you need to take a moment to recuperate and level back into reality. Otherwise you might find yourself running to the bathroom holding your stomach, while your coworkers laugh. So if you get car sick, beware.
  • It is not actually like The Matrix
    While it is a new form of reality, all of your movements are not actually linked to what is going on in the virtual experience. You can’t actually dodge bullets or touch the knob on the door to open it, but I’m sure we will get there eventually. Being able to throw on a headgear set and see something completely different than you were 5 seconds before is good enough for us though, for now.

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