JA Students from Louisville Male High School Enjoy Interapt Mobile Workshop

Interapt recently hosted our mobile app development workshop with Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana students from Male High School at the Nucleus building. This session gave students the opportunity to learn about hi-tech innovation and what it takes to design and market an app.

Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal led the first segment of the workshop, talking to students about what Interapt does and about the start-to-finish process of developing an app.  Students then divided themselves into groups of four and brainstormed ideas for building, marketing, and designing their own apps.

They came up with names for their apps such as WearItShareIt, a virtual app that uses a photo of yourself as a virtual mannequin to try on clothes specifically fit to your body type. Other great ideas included Picture It, a DIY project app that enables the user to build blue prints for renovating a wall space or a small area around the house.

For these workshops, teams vote on which idea they think is best.  The runner up for this session was a team who came up with Teen Driving, a virtual reality tutorial that trains and educates teenage drivers.  Their idea included different road maps and weather conditions to help improve your driving.  The app also included incentives for good driving and points taken off for poor driving with different levels, the highest and most difficult level being drunk driving.  The winning team was Hot Fit, who designed a thermal glove that is controlled by an app on your phone with a thermostat-like dial to control the temperature and tightness of the glove.

After some pizza, students took turns having fun with Google Glass and Oculus Rift. Interapt had tables set up with these and other cool gadgets for students to try out, and the high-schoolers eagerly lined up to explore how they work.  Some students were so happy with how their ideas turned out, they took pictures with their phones and asked their teacher if they could continue to develop them.

To see pictures from the event, visit the photo album on Interapt’s Facebook!

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