Ankur Gopal DJs at ReSurfaced Event, with a Leap Motion Spin

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit the ReSurfaced space in downtown Louisville, you’ve seen how the project has transformed a vacant lot into a pop-up beer garden, outdoor cafe, and event space that has become one of the coolest gathering places in the city.  And last Friday, Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal got a chance to spin great music for the enormous crowd in attendance that night.

ReSurfaced is a project spearheaded by City Collaborative and Mayor Greg Fischer as a successful idea borrowed from cities such as New York, Chicago, and Memphis.  Last Friday, Ankur Gopal was asked to spin music for the enormous crowd in attendance, so he added a special twist: Ankur brought a projection of Leap Motion hands-free technology and included it in his DJ set for the first time.

“I wanted to try out some of the tech we use with a few of our clients to track and display my hand gestures, and use it to create visual art,” said Gopal.  “They call ReSurfaced an ‘urban canvas’ so I wanted to show that even cutting-edge technology can have a creative side.”

We’d say it worked.

The ReSurfaced events continue until October 25th, so don’t miss your chance to check it out!

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