Aaron Rosenberg’s Ignite Louisville Team Helps Kids Cancer Alliance

In addition to his role as Senior Director of Business Development at Interapt, Aaron Rosenberg is involved in a variety of philanthropic organizations in Louisville.  This September, his Ignite Louisville team, Team Synergy, chose the Kids Cancer Alliance as the non-profit they would assist as part of their Yum! Ignites Louisville Challenge.

Rosenberg’s Team Synergy was able to get organizations like Kids Cancer Alliance, Builder’s Club, Courages Kids from Hosparus, Camp Quality from Kosair Charities, and the Norton Hospital Children’s Hospital Foundation–all entities that normally compete for funding–to host an event at Kosair Charities facility on Eastern Parkway with a DJ, dunk tank, some cotton candy, and other fun activities for children. It was so successful, in fact, that Aaron hopes to make it an annual event.

Rosenberg has been part of Team Synergy since April 2014 and he proudly admits, “It’s been a great opportunity to stay connected with Leadership Louisville, to share my experience and try to provide guidance with the Ignite team. I’m just really proud of the way our team came together to get these organizations aligned and create this event as a groundwork for something that could continue to grow and be one place for young people who are affected by cancer to find out all the resources that are available.”

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