Interapt and Silversun Debut New Software for Newsrooms to Broadcast Engineers from Local Stations

Interapt and Silversun, an audio/video streaming platform company, recently joined forces to debut brand new software designed to enhance newsroom operations in a demonstration to technical engineers from Fox affiliate WDRB and other regional broadcast stations.

These new apps and features, built by Interapt for Google Glass and Silversun for Apple mobile devices, could benefit any size newsroom, from high schools to major network affiliates, by providing new video possibilities and high-tech tools that make video production simpler and real-time station maintenance more efficient.

“There are countless ways that the technology Silversunn has developed for multiple-angle video production could help TV crews produce better coverage of live events, whether using mobile devices like iPhones and iPads or wearable devices like Google Glass,” says Aaron Roseberg, Interapt’s Director of Business Development.  “Silversunn’s newest app can change how events are covered by any size station.  That’s why we’re pairing our latest Google Glass tech with their tools, to take video streaming capability to the next level and serve stations that are looking to take advantage of the newest trends in live coverage.”

Silversunn’s Nick Mattingly adds: “We are looking forward to collaborating with Interapt to develop streaming video solutions for broadcast and TV that range from video delivery to custom apps and Google Glass integration.”

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