Ankur Gopal Joins TALK’s Google Glass Panel with KFC, Humana

The Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) is an open-membership association for Louisville’s tech community is to advocate and facilitate talent identification, local networking, and knowledge delivery, and this week TALK conducted their Google Glass Session with Ankur Gopal (CEO, Interapt), Malissia Pendleton (HR Sr Mgr Readiness & Centralized Training, KFC), and Matt Coddington (Digital Solutions Consultant, Humana).

Participants in the panel used their hands-on experiences with Google Glass to discuss its features and benefits, both in terms of business operations and also from the perspective of an individual user.  Gopal discussed Interapt’s personal introduction to Glass last year at Google’s offices in Los Angeles, and the ensuing apps and features that Interapt built for Glass that even got the attention of Google themselves.  Gopal also elaborated on the very real benefit of hands-free wearable tech to hospitals, restaurants, and other sectors where sanitation is a priority and could literally save lives.

Pendleton discussed working together with Gopal on Interapt’s Google Glass training platform for KFC restaurant workers, detailing how Glass was tested in a live KFC environment and the contribution of wearable technology like Glass to the evolution of aging industry practices and training methods.  Coddington, well-known by Louisville technophiles for hosting a monthly gathering to discuss Glass and other cutting-edge mobile tech, discussed how Glass works for individual users, and the nuance of its newest features and limitations.

The event was well-attended, and provoked interesting questions and observations about the applications of Google Glass and other wearable technology to business operations, as well as its place in corporate culture and the likely evolution of its design, features, and capabilities.  “This was the kind of discussion that needs to keep happening if businesses want to stay ahead of the curve and innovate at the right pace, using the right technology,” said Gopal.  “The audience had good questions demonstrating practical concerns about the business case surrounding wearable tech, and hopefully our panel gave them some useful perspective to help them roadmap their mobile strategy to include wearables.”

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