Interapt and Louisville Urban League Team Up for Mobile App Workshop

This week Interapt hosted forty students from Louisville Urban League for an app-building workshop at The Nucleus, where Interapt’s offices are located. During a two-hour session, students had the opportunity to learn and ask questions about technology, build apps, and even try out a pair of Google Glass.  After Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal welcomed the kids to the building, Ky Department of Economic Development’s Brad Thomas spoke to the group and emphasized the importance of math, science & technology in today’s workforce, and that what they were learning that day was a step towards more opportunity through education.

Kids began the event by breaking into small “teams” to begin the process of building a mobile app, with a little help from mentors on Interapt’s Marketing, Sales, Design, and Operations teams. Led by Hunter Gerlach, Interapt’s Director of Operations, each team brainstormed ideas for an app, discussed how they wanted it to function, designed screens, created a name and slogan, and decided its cost and marketing strategy.  At the end of the session, each group presented their app to the room, and answered questions from the audience about the fine details of the app they created.

Interapt’s Gerlach was pleased: “The students showed a lot of enthusiasm, and were very competitive, which brought out a lot of very good final products on each team. We were very impressed with the bright ideas and attention to detail on display, and we enjoyed the experience of both teaching and learning from the students.” Gerlach added, “Our Interapt team had a lot of fun working with all of the students, and we would look forward to hosting them again in the future.”

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