Newstracker is Cutting-Edge Tech for Newsrooms

Interapt’s Newstracker technology solves common issues TV stations have with real-time coordination of assets in the field, ensuring the best coverage of breaking news using geo-location technology integrated with desktop and mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Because of the unpredictable nature of late-breaking news, newsrooms have a unique logistical challenge when it comes to coverage of these stories.  Coordinating assets in the field can be hectic and complicated for assignment desks because so many factors affect which team asset is better suited to cover the story and get there first.

NewsTracker, technology featured by RJI Future Labs during our time at NAB Show in Las Vegas, is a fast, reliable tool that solves these common issues for assignment desks using geo-location technology integrated with its desktop software and a customized mobile app.

Newstracker centralizes all the data TV stations need to effectively leverage multiple resources that coordinate to ensure the most efficient coverage of stories in your area.  These breaking stories are geo-tagged and shown on a map for the station manager, who then assigns them to teams shown on the same map.  This allows the manager to make on-the-fly assignment decisions based on the coverage team’s proximity to the story, their current assignments, or their unique equipment needs.

Newstracker’s mobile app component allows assets in the field to Accept or Deny the story assigned to them from the Newstracker assignment desk.  Not only that, but assets can scroll through a feed of stories in the Newstracker app to view and interact with open assignment requests.  Tapping a story in the feed reveals its details (location, content, date/time assigned) allowing for a quick decision by the reporter.

TV stations will get better coverage of breaking stories with Newstracker because it uses precise, real-time data and a simple, intuitive user interface to minimize friction between the assignment desk and its assets in the field.  It’s an example of how technology is supposed to work–as a tool that makes it easier to manage and complete tasks.

But we won’t stop there. In addition to Newstracker, Interapt and BTi are helping TV stations get better coverage using Google Glass, a trend already gaining traction as evidenced by the recent announcement that CNN is integrating Google Glass with iReport.

Want to know how Interapt and BTi can help your station solve problems and improve your content and coverage? Get in touch using the contact info listed below, or email us at!

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