How to Roadmap a Winning Mobile Strategy

When it comes to businesses enhancing their enterprise with mobile technology, the importance of having a clearly defined project roadmap in place cannot be overstated.

Recently, a Gartner Group study recommended that when forming a mobile strategy, a business should do the following:

  • IT must change from controller to facilitator of mobile app projects to ensure compliance with corporate standards for maintainability and security.
  • Define business criteria based on value, cost, and differentiation to ensure consistent app prioritization.
  • Create and maintain a mobile app roadmap to ensure a transparent selection process.

For a company that is incorporating mobile as part of their overall strategy, it is important to build the right business case as well as the right implementation plan.  In our experience developing mobile tech for enterprise, clients that put a roadmap in place before starting down the path of mobile are much more successful.

This roadmap includes:

  • Timeline: When is the best time to launch?
  • Budget: How many phases will I launch?
  • Company Goals: What metrics do I want to use for measuring the project’s success?

A good reminder for any enterprise looking to deploy mobile solutions, whether internal or consumer-facing.

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