How Google Glass Will Change Your Broadcast Strategy

During Interapt’s time speaking with broadcast professionals at NAB, one thing was abundantly clear: Mobile technology is changing the way newsrooms everywhere strategize and distribute their content.  But beyond mobile apps for iPhone, Android, or tablets, the burgeoning field of wearable technology, and particularly Google Glass, has enormous potential for stations.

Interapt and BTi believe Google Glass, used both in the field and in the control center, will give any TV station or newsroom a competitive advantage.  Google Glass opens up possibilities for stations that range from HD video coverage of events to streaming maintenance for their own internal operations, and at NAB Show this year, we demonstrated these use cases to executives from NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, CW, and many other broadcast media professionals.

Using the high-definition camera mounted at the bridge of the Glass device, your reporters wearing Glass in the field can broadcast high-quality P.O.V. video.  They could use Glass to cover a major sporting event, or even use it while reporting from inside the studio.  Google Glass brings fresh, unique content like this to your viewers using cutting-edge, high-tech software that will appeal to a younger viewing demographic.

Whether in the field or at their desk, live reporters can have teleprompter copy fed to the Glass HUD display while delivering their coverage.  In fact, the reporter could use a smartphone to “scroll” the prompter at their own pace, while holding the phone out of sight if they’re wearing Glass out in the field.  Moreover, any message or alert from the control room could appear in the HUD (not readable by outside viewers), such as a warning that the camera is switching, that there are sound or lighting issues, or that a breaking story has just come in.

Even stories and events that have been covered dozens of times will have a fresh new look. Take, for example, the Kentucky Derby, an event that has been covered literally 140 times. But have viewers ever had access to video from a jockey’s point of view during a race thanks to Google Glass?

As far-fetched as it may seem, the reality is major sporting industries and teams are intrigued by wearable technology, and how viewing real-time data while performing could give them an edge over their competition.  Sure, we might be a long way from sports allowing wearable devices in actual competition, but we’re already there when it comes to professional sports training with Glass.

Interapt has ample experience developing apps for Google Glass, such as our Glass training platform for KFC restaurant workers, and BTi has the extensive expertise in the field of broadcast technology to address all of your station’s needs and seamlessly integrate new software with your existing tools.

Interapt and BTi are looking for early adopters and partners to innovate with, so we’re offering specials and exclusivity for your market on a first come, first serve basis.  Reach out to us at, and we can setup time to discuss how Google Glass and our apps will drive audience engagement and boost revenue for your station!

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