Interapt Brings Google Glass to NAB Show 2014

For Interapt, trips to Vegas aren’t all fun and games—just some fun and games, mixed with business.  So at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters electronic media show (NAB Show)  Interapt’s Ankur Gopal and Aaron Rosenberg, along with Business Technology Inc (BTI), talked TV tech with leaders in the national broadcast community and displayed new cutting-edge solutions for TV stations.

“We had a lot of success at NAB,” Gopal said.  “We had a great response to our Google Glass apps and mobile products for TV, and talked to quite a few stations about putting them in their newsrooms in 2014.”

So how exactly can Google Glass help news organizations?  Gopal begins: “First, from a production standpoint: Google Glass for reporters was built to address reduced budgets and team size; it’s an easy, cost-efficient way to add one or multiple HD cameras to capture major events that might not get the high-quality coverage of a full camera crew.”

It’s not hard to see Gopal’s point, given that college and pro sports teams are already using Google Glass to cover their events; this same HD video applied to high school sports would certainly be a leap forward in coverage quality.

Beyond producing high-quality content, how can Google Glass help TV stations?  Gopal continues: “From an operations perspective: We heard many ways chief engineers addressed station outages, including taking pictures of the racks with their iPhone and sending it back and forth; this is necessary because many times a master engineer manages anywhere from 2 to 50 stations, all with different hardware and rack systems.  Streaming assistance in real-time would save countless man-hours, and TV stations would minimize lost revenue by being back on the air in minutes, not hours.  These videos could also be used to build a knowledge base for support calls in the future.”

The potential of new tech like Google Glass doesn’t mean we should count out mobile apps.  Quite the contrary: Though mobile apps have been around a number of years now, the changing needs of stations mean their mobile tools still need to be tweaked and perfected.

“Stations are tired of cookie cutter apps or repurposed web pages,” says Gopal. “They’re looking for a more customized mobile app suite for their content. For example, we’re working with stations that are integrating their own software with a local nightlife app to promote sponsored deals and drive more revenue.  We’ve also developed custom solutions for mobile election coverage that really engage the regional viewing audience in the electoral process.  Using these tools effectively translates to a larger and more loyal audience for stations.”

Interapt is no stranger to working with major industries using Google Glass apps, as proven by our work building a Glass training platform for KFC restaurants.

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