Interapt’s Google Glass Training Platform for KFC Featured in Nation’s Restaurant News

There’s no doubt that wearable technology can have a major impact on the operations of any kind of business. To explore how wearable tech can change the restaurant industry, Ron Ruggless of Nation’s Restaurant News recently wrote an article about what Google Glass could do for restaurants, specifically citing Interapt’s recent project to develop a Google Glass training platform for KFC restaurants.

We appreciate Ron and NRN’s recognition of Interapt’s belief in the power of new technology to make business processes simpler, faster, and more effective.  We are committed to similarly helping any enterprise become more successful through innovation, whether that means adopting new technology, or optimizing the tech it already uses.

We’re happy to share more of our ideas and what we’re doing, so if you’d like to hear more just shoot a quick email to us at

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