How Interapt and BTI Engage More Viewers Using Election Apps

As I’m sure you are all well aware, both local and national elections are approaching in the coming months, and BTI and Interapt have teamed up to make sure TV stations have access to the best election coverage products and services on the market.

BTI has partnered with Interapt to extend its core applications to socially engage viewers using second-screen mobile apps that retain viewers of branded stations.  These apps create an interactive experience of polling, tracking the candidate, and social networking that drives viewers to a particular TV station for Elections News and Results.

BTI has been installing Election software in TV stations throughout the USA for 20 years, found in 11 of the top 12 ADI Markets, and 17 of the top 20 Broadcast Groups.  BTI’s “Election Voting Attendant” allows manual, mobile and web scraping input simultaneously, (to a Character Generator Output), “airing” the best, latest results automatically to the TV station’s screen.

Interapt’s “Election Center” is a mobile app that adds value to stations and takes elections beyond the ballot box to put a real emphasis on voter engagement using cutting-edge mobile technology.

Election Center allows users to participate in interactive exit polls with easy one-touch voting, real-time results and easy social sharing.  Election Center also allows users to track candidates throughout the course of a campaign, poll and discuss important topics in the community, and ultimately, vote via the application.

The app automatically feeds in relevant content using your existing software systems, and sends push notifications for updates that keep users coming back for more.  Election Center will thus capture second screen audiences and generate more revenue for your advertisers.

According to a 2013 Nielsen survey, “nearly half of smartphone owners (46%) and tablet owners (43%) said they use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day.”  Given this information, Election Center will be an essential add-on to the television viewing experience using BTI’s Election Voting Attendant, to drive traffic to the second screen tool.

The amount of time people spend on their smartphone is also beginning to outpace television on both national and global levels, according to a recent article in Ad Age that states Americans now spend 151 minutes per day on smartphones.  With that daily mobile usage on the rise, apps like Election Center have enormous potential for delivering the relevant, up-to-date content that users will continue to demand on the devices they use most.

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