Interapt Develops the Talent Community Mobile App for Hiring and Recruitment

Jim Collins, renowned business writer and author of Good to Great, wrote the following passage in that book: “Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets, or competition, or technology, or products.  It is the one thing above all others: The ability to get and keep enough of the right people.”

Interapt itself is an example of that philosophy working, and so we have combined our own experience and expertise with this mantra to develop the Talent Community mobile app for HR professionals to better manage candidate recruitment, hiring, and retention.

The objectives of the Talent Community app are several:

  1. Reduce the organization or recruiters time to hire
  2. Reduce frustration and drop-off from the mobile application experience
  3. Reduce costs on job boards and outsourcing
  4. Get more value and boost efficiencies at career fairs
  5. Create a true social platform allowing candidates to easily share your jobs to their networks
  6. Quickly disqualify applicants that don’t fit your needs

Sound too good to be true?  Tell that to Sodexo, a company whose jobs app resulted in 15,000 downloads, which turned into 2,000 new job candidates that produced 141 new hires.  Even more impressive?  The mobile app saved them $300,000 in job board postings.

There’s no telling what Interapt’s Talent Community app can do for your company’s HR challenges.  There is limitless potential for the Talent Community app to vastly improve your organization’s talent pool and develop the most important part of any company–your employees.

To get more info, contact me at, or call me at 502-548-8961.

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