What to Expect from Interapt at NAB Show 2014 in Las Vegas

The National Association of Broadcasters, better known as NAB, will host its annual NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 5-10, with exhibits running from April 7-10. NAB Show draws in over 90,000 attendees from over 150 countries, each gathering to engage in discussions and interact with exhibits regarding electronic media and content.

For the 2014 NAB Show, Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal and Senior Director Business Development Aaron Rosenberg will be attending to feature a number of mobile applications designed and developed by the Interapt team for Television Services, as well a Google Glass app for reporters.  Interapt is partnering with BTI, (Business Technology Inc.) to help the broadcast industry capture and engage second-screen audiences through our mobile products. In addition to audience engagement, Interapt has products to help boost operational efficiencies.

Ankur Gopal, who has attended the annual NAB Show for a number of years, recalls, “BTI was one of the first companies we partnered with to build new mobile technologies in television and radio broadcast. Each year, we have been going to NAB with new ideas and have met with over 250 stations.”  Rosenberg, who is preparing to attend his first NAB Show, states, “Interapt hopes to develop strong relationships with broadcast partners and strengthen our partnership with BTI in order to service the market with new technologies and solutions that help the industry reduce cost, be more efficient, and capture and engage new audiences.”

Rosenberg then went into greater detail on Interapt products that will be on display at NAB: “Interapt has two early members of the Google Glass Explorer program on staff, which allowed us to get a head start on programming apps for the device.  At NAB, we will be demoing a Glass app that can be used by reporters to help capture and stream live video.  We also have an app for the assignment desk manager to coordinate with reporters in the field and assign breaking stories, allowing them to scoop competitors and reduce costs associated with inefficient systems.”

Because of the potential for broadcast professionals to generate new revenue for stations and engage second screen audiences, Interapt will also feature a few of its latest Television Services apps at 2014 NAB Show:

  • Elections App: Allows users to participate with interactive exit polls, track candidates throughout the course of a campaign, engage in discussions on numerous topics in the community, and ultimately, vote via the application.
  • Location Based News: Incorporates the geotagging of news stories for display on a map format; also allows users to download and set alerts for news happening around them spanning a 1-100 mile radius.
  • Newstracker: Features a newsroom tool to rapidly deploy and assign stories to reporters, assigns field teams to stories using GPS and mobile app technology.

Push Notifications and Analytics have also been incorporated in each Interapt application to allow users to:

  • Send important news updates instantly to the station’s viewers
  • Push out new assignments to reporters
  • Receive timely and accurate data from users
  • View key metrics for the sales teams to view and drive ad sales

Interapt hopes to showcase how mobile tech and apps will change traditional broadcast media into a new age approach with technology as the driving force. “The use of mobile is on an explosive rise and is a disruption to the traditional offerings of the broadcast industry. Users are now expecting a higher level of engagement through social media. The use of apps is on a consistent rise,” Rosenberg added. In fact, according to a 2013 Nielsen survey, “nearly half of smartphone owners (46%) and tablet owners (43%) said they use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day.”

Interapt sees huge potential for a successful 2014 NAB Show and is eager to display some of the most innovative technology to date. “This year, we are excited about our Newstracker mobile app solution, as well as our Google Glass for Reporters concept,” says Gopal. “Each year we have found success with customers who rely on us to provide strong and differentiating technology solutions that allow them to increase viewership and do more with less.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on Interapt’s Twitter as the Interapt team goes to work in Vegas!

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