Interapt CEO Speaks at Best of Leadership Summit About Tech Innovation for Businesses

The Leadership Louisville Center recently hosted its annual Best of Leadership Summit, which congregates civic leaders from multiple sectors in the Louisville community to network and discuss the challenges of being a good leader and philanthropist.  About 350 graduates of the Leadership Louisville’s programs attended the event, and among the featured speakers was Interapt’s own CEO, Ankur Gopal.

Gopal spoke as part of the “Driving Change” series, and focused his speech on how business leaders and entrepreneurs can utilize the latest tech to champion innovation within their organizations by embracing smart technology, wearable tech, and mobile software applications.

“For most business leaders, the biggest challenges of innovation lie first in clearly understanding the business case around new technology, and secondly, how to properly roadmap and implement new technologies with their employees, as well as their customers,” said Gopal. “My speech was designed to introduce some of the more promising tech that’s available for businesses now, but also preview what’s coming and explain why it makes sense for leaders to aggressively invest their time and resources into these high-tech solutions.”

Many Best of Leadership Summit attendees were already aware of Gopal’s affiliation with the world of tech, having met or worked with him during his time as a member of the Ignite Louisville Class of 2013, so Gopal wanted to go beyond his tech expertise and apply that towards his many years of experience as an entrepreneur.  “After I spoke at the event, many attendees approached me and said the speech made new technology less intimidating for them,” he said.  “They enjoyed seeing innovation presented as a process that involves both thinking like an entrepreneur and managing like an executive, planning for the implementation of new tech in phases.”

You can view a video of Gopal’s speech on our Interapt YouTube channel, or visit us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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