J.A. Students Shadow Interapt to Learn How to Develop High-Tech Solutions

When thinking of how new technologies can impact both businesses and social environments, the possibilities are limitless. While many of us have learned to adapt to daily changes and advancements in tech, for much of today’s youth, a connected world is all they have ever known.

This week, the Interapt team hosted a “job shadow” event with Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana at our offices in the Nucleus.  Twenty-nine high school students learned how the latest tech is changing the business world. “The goal of our day with JA was to introduce the students to simple business processes in a fun and engaging way,” said Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal.

Keeping with the theme “The Right Way to Build and Launch an App”, the students had a full day of brainstorming app ideas for mobile devices, learning the process of how their ideas and concepts can be applied towards designing an app.  Students also got hands-on lessons and demonstrations using some of Interapt’s favorite gadgets, such as Google Glass and Leap Motion.

“The students impressed me a lot,” Gopal added. “They were engaged in the process, they came up with great ideas and they really thought it through. They asked good questions, which showed me that they cared about their project, and in just half a day, they learned about user experience, design , engineering, testing and marketing.”

Hunter Gerlach, Interapt’s Manager of Operations who also helped guide JA students through the session, added, “I was very impressed with their creative abilities. They really thought through all the steps to make their app idea successful. They had a lot of really good concepts that had to be narrowed down to one good idea, and they chose well.”  When asked about the experience, Education Director for JA Kentuckiana Jenni Edwards called it “A fabulous job shadow! The [Interapt] team did a great job putting the agenda together.”

The experience was indeed beneficial for both parties, and all of us at Interapt had a great time discussing the business potential of high-tech with students who understand the value and significance of their JA experience. “When I was 15 years old, I took JA very seriously, and learned a lot,” Gopal recalls. “Now that I have started a company, I intend to keep giving back.”

Interapt hopes JA’s students left feeling inspired and motivated to pursue their passions, just as we have. The future looks bright for these young men and women, and based on the creativity they put on display, we will continue to encourage all JA students to apply for an internship with Interapt in the years to come.

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