A Day at Google: Making an Impression

Last week, Interapt was invited to Google Headquarters in Mountain View as part of our partnership with Google. Being in the Googleplex and working on things that will change the world is exciting enough, but watching our team get inspired, work directly with some of the smartest innovators on the planet, and bond with each other in Silicon Valley made it even more special.

I suddenly realized that for some of the team, it was their first business trip, and for others, it was a personal dream to visit Google. I also remembered how excited I was when I went on my first business trip as a consultant, and realized that a precious memory like this should be captured.

I asked my team to give an unfiltered view of what it was like to experience Google HQ through their eyes. No doubt it’s a trip they will all remember, and I am very happy they got this opportunity. Enjoy.

– Ankur Gopal

Marcus Motill, Developer

The trip to San Francisco this past weekend was, to say the least, surreal. As we made our way from the airport to Google headquarters, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude towards Interapt and our CEO, Ankur Gopal, for making this trip possible for us. I was also extremely grateful for my team members that came along, as their hard work also played a large role in our invitation to Google. I never imagined being Google’s guest at the one and only “Googleplex” at the age of 20.

The ability to have an open forum discussion with some of Google’s best engineers and business minds was an incredible experience. Their passion and drive is contagious, and I have no doubt that every member of my team who met them will bring this Silicon Valley attitude back to Interapt in Louisville.

Interapt is the only company within 500 miles of Louisville that can offer these kinds of experiences to a college student. But this was more than just a business experience; the trip also provided a chance to hangout with my team and get to know them better. The highlight of the social side of the trip was dining together at a Mountain View restaurant after our Google tour to celebrate such a successful day for Interapt.

Eddie Bowles, Project Manager

My experience visiting Google at Mountain View was quite eye-opening. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to pack everything we needed to accomplish into a little more than 24 hours, but somehow we did it.

Upon arrival to the Googleplex, I was surprised by a few things: First, the setup of the offices at Google was very similar to our setup at the Nucleus building. The spaces were open and well-lit, and there was plenty of space for recreation and collaboration. Second, they did not have a strict “office hour” policy; employees can come and go as they please, but everyone is expected to pull their weight and meet deadlines.

Finally, I was impressed by their culture overall, and the way that they approach developing products. Google doesn’t necessarily create complete products right away, but instead they create a concept and let the users tell them how it could be improved and enhanced. This was interesting to me from a development standpoint, because they strive to make software that is very simple to use, instead of being packed with bells and whistles that many people might find cumbersome.

This was one of the greatest experiences I have had so far at Interapt, and I’m sure the future will bring many more in-person collaborations between Interapt and the Google team. It was amazing getting to spend time with my co-workers away from the office in sunny California and learn more about my fellow Interaptors. I will never forget this trip.

Mike Nguyen, Developer

Having watched many documentaries about Googleplex, I was still amazed by its fun, creative and trendy atmosphere. The campus spans more than 2 million square feet with office space and landscape. Each building in Googleplex has its own unique vibe with different decoration and cool interior design. What impressed me the most was the effort Google puts into taking care of its employees by creating such a comfortable working environment for them. Google offers many services for employees, like haircuts, laundry, and activities like bowling, swimming, or working out. Overall, Googleplex is one of the most unique company HQs I’ve ever seen, and visiting it was such a memorable experience for me.

I’ve only been working at Interapt for a month and a half, but I was already given this opportunity to fly to California to tour Google HQ and meet their masterminds. This is a very good time to be at Interapt, and our CEO, Ankur Gopal, assured us there will be more trips like this. It makes me excited for what the future will bring for the whole Interapt team!

Travis Allen, Developer

Our trip to San Francisco and Google was one of the most exciting trips I have ever been on. Google’s Headquarters is every tech nerd’s dream, so Interapt felt right at home at the Googleplex. Being at the epicenter of global technological innovation and one of the nicest headquarters in the world is something I’m sure none of us will ever forget. Being surrounded by the extremely motivated, passionate, and bright people at Google is something that every company strives for, including Interapt.

I feel truly blessed to have been able to go on this trip, as I’m sure there are only a select few companies in this region who have been given this unique opportunity with Google. I’m looking forward to Interapt continuing its strong partnership with Google so that more of our team can be inspired by a return visit to the Googleplex.

Alex Krentsel, Developer

Our team’s trip to Google was simply out of this world. I’d heard so much about the inner workings of Google, from sources online, friends, and even my teacher who now works there, so it was amazing to get to see it first hand.

Visiting the Googleplex made me appreciate the sort of “loose” atmosphere we have at Interapt. It’s true that when we have a deadline looming on a development project, things can get pretty hectic; but in general, as long as people get their work done, they are free to spend their time as they wish, whether it is at the office, at home, or even in a different state.

This seemed to be pretty similar to the way things work at Google HQ. Of course, we don’t have all that free food (other than the occasional stray cheesecake) and coffee at Interapt offices, yet. But luckily, our team doesn’t need any of that to keep building and growing the way Interapt has over the past year.

Aaron Martinson, Product Specialist

This past weekend I traveled with seven of my lovely co-workers across the continent to visit Google HQ in California. I had never been to the West Coast. I never thought I’d get to visit Google’s campus after seeing how amazing it was in “The Internship,” a film we watched when I was still an intern at Interapt.

I remember before we started the movie, Ankur told the room of interns “everyone in this movie is one of you” and, being older than other interns by a few years, I reasoned that I was our Vince Vaughn, whose Internship character was on the sales team (just like me) and was also kind of goofy/silly (also like me).

Ankur also said that “one day we will all visit Google” and I remember everybody cheered, even though we didn’t know when this trip would happen, or even if we would still be working at Interapt when it did. After six months of my internship, I graduated to full-time employee, and sure enough it happened! I got to ride a Google bike and check out all of the cool things to do on campus like slides, massages, hair cuts, bowling, free food and more!

This trip really put all of our team’s work into perspective. We’ve all been working hard for quite some time and until the moment we stepped foot onto the Googleplex, I hadn’t fully realized the impact and potential of our work. Returning home, it was clear to me that Interapt is on to something. One day we might have our own campus just like Google–except instead of Silicon Valley, it’ll likely be in the greatest city on earth: Louisville, KY. 🙂

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