iPhone Apps to Help You Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, there are some of us who are rockstars at doing the right things and getting the right gifts for our special someone, and still others who are just hopelessly lost when it comes to ideas and planning for the holiday, and then likely a majority of us are somewhere in the middle.  And of course, there’s plenty of singles out there who become acutely aware (whether they care or not) of their singledom on this special day.  So how can mobile apps help us enjoy Valentine’s Day, whether we’re doting on a partner, treating a friend or family, or just flying solo?


Of course we start with flowers. They’re the staple, the go-to for almost everyone looking to treat someone on Valentine’s Day, no matter who is the intended recipient of your fresh flora.  What separates this app from other flower-ordering apps is its slick design and clean user interface, optimized for iOS 7.  Ordering flowers is quick and easy, and though the shipping prices aren’t cheap, the products are still competitive, and if you need flowers in a pinch you should be willing to spend the extra few bucks for the quickness and convenience of using this app.


Picking a place to eat a Valentine’s Day meal with your significant other can be a hassle, unless you have “your place” and it’s no secret where you want to go.  But there could be any number of reasons you don’t have a specific place in mind; maybe you’re traveling and in a new city, maybe there’s a new place that opened in town you’d like to try, or maybe you’d just like to shake things up.  Ness has a beautiful interface and design for both viewing, recommending, and browsing restaurants near you.  And if your social network friends have used the app to rate restaurants, your recommendations are even more customized to what the app predicts are your preferences.

Foodie Recipes

Preparing a meal on your own is a great way to forego the expensive and crowded nature of the restaurant scene on Valentine’s Day, especially when some restaurants increase prices and lock patrons into fixed menus to take advantage of the holiday rush.  The Foodie Recipes app is definitely a quick solution if you’re running out of ideas for romantic dinner dishes to fix for your special someone.  Even if you’re not comfortable in the kitchen, this app will help guide anyone through their chosen recipe’s preparation and cooking process.  Good luck, and remember, smother grease fires, don’t douse them with water!


Of course, not all of us are involved with someone with whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day (also known as Singles Awareness Day).  Tinder has been making waves as one of the hottest social startups in the business.  Simply connect the app through your Facebook profile, and you can view all Tinder profiles and whether they share friend connections with you. Swipe left to pass on a profile, and swipe right to approve it and say you’re interested. No other users will know if you swiped to approve unless they see your profile and also swipe right.  Tinder then alerts you both that you each swiped to approve, and allows you to directly message each other via the app.  Where your shared connection goes from there is entirely up to you!

Have any experience of your own with using mobile to step up your game on Valentine’s Day? Leave them in the comments below, and leave some links to help out other couples (or singles!) in a pinch on this special holiday!

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