How Mobile Apps are Helping the Healthcare Industry

As technology and smartphones become more sophisticated and faster, so are the apps and their capabilities and use.

We’’re especially seeing this in the medical industry. With 2,000+ apps launching daily, the only way to cut through the clutter is to launch a daily utility app that people will use as often as Facebook.

To that end, apps like Glucose Buddy enable diabetics to log in their blood sugar levels, which their doctors can easily download and review. Newer apps will even provide add-ons so that diabetics can use their smart phones to actually becometheir glucose meter when they’re on the go.

Interapt recently developed an app for the Jewish Hospital system here in Louisville that offered users real-time calculations of the wait times around Louisville for all of the Jewish Hospital branches.

The app received several thousand inquiries a month, which helped patients to determine which ER they should go to, based on wait times. We have plans to expand this app to offer Facetime connectivity with a live nurse to answer patient questions.

Eventually this app will evolve into taking vitals and providing that data to the medical provider so they can offer a fast assessment, refill medications and more. These are pilot programs we’re beta testing, and hope to incorporate some day soon.

Where are the medical apps heading? Someday in the very near future, we believe apps will provide a steady stream of data to people about their own health, as well as the health of the people they care about and monitor. We’re empowering people to care for each other’s medical conditions, overcoming logistic issues like long distance and paper, and embracing the new technology that makes our real-life communication and other data sharing possible.

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