What We’’d Like to See in a Hospital’’s App

Healthcare and hospital apps are one of the new areas of mobile app development we’re delving into. And given the increasing growth in the healthcare industry as a whole, this looks to be a growing area for mobile app usage as well.

We’re developing hospital apps that monitor a patient’s health, and we’re writing algorithms that can help the patients take care of themselves, while also notifying hospitals in the event of emergencies.

We would love to see these algorithms and notifications being used in different hospital apps that are shared by both medical staff and patient. These apps would be totally voluntary on the part of the medical provider, hospital and the patient. The medical information that was shared — say, a blood sugar reading for a diabetic patient — can then be used to alert the appropriate hospital staff that the patient’s blood sugar was too high, and help the staff take the appropriate next steps to ensure the patient didn’t have more serious problems.

The apps we’re developing are also preventative because they track the patients’ health data – only in the event of an emergency do we alert them that something looks unusual, so they can come into the clinic or hospital ER for a closer look before it’s too late. Any risk factors that lead to an emergency can be monitored more closely.

Mobile medical apps have become an evolving, trending market, as evidenced by events like the mHealth Summit and the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, which invites thought leaders from the industry to share their views of the emerging landscape.

We’re working toward helping hospitals and healthcare practices to develop their own apps so they can better help their patients manage their own health and health information.

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