What are the Best Organizations that a Mobile App Developer Should Join?

We’re often so busy that we sometimes forget we need to look up from what we’re doing and reconnect with the outside world. We are always working hard on improving our efforts in that regard, because it gives us a chance to meet some smart people who are doing good work in our industry and in our community. We also encourage other mobile app developers and small businesses to try some of these organizations and outlets as well.

We’ve been succesful in networking through a couple of different venues and organizations. For one, there’s our local chamber of commerce, Greater Louisville, Inc., or GLI, as we call it around town. We also use LinkedIn and some of the different specific groups dedicated to mobile app developers.

Both of these have been great resources for getting introduced to companies who need the technologies we develop. In January 2012, Jon Potter announced a professional organization for app developers at the Consumer Electronics Show, called the Application Developers Alliance. While we haven’t gotten active in this organization yet, it’s one we’re going to join once we find the time. Membership is currently free and their key services include the following:

  • A collaboration network, via an online database.
  • Product-testing facilities offering access to multiple platforms and tools.
  • Discounted and free tutorials on trends and technologies, as well as structured training and certification programs.
  • Discounted hosting and cloud services via Rackspace.
  • Lobbying for government policies to assist developers, including privacy policy, mobile broadband policies, and IP policies pertaining to patents and copyrights.

Some of our developers like The Bay Area Mobile Group (BAM) in Mountain View, CA and the international online organization ,Mobile Monday, aka “MoMo,” which has chapters throughout the U.S. as well. But whatever you choose, make sure to look up from your computer once in a while and find other programmers who share the same interests, and learn new information and skills from them; also, meet people outside your niche, and see what kinds of interesting things you can learn from them.

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