Ignite Louisville: Lessons (Being) Learned

As CEO of Interapt, I was very honored to be one of the 52 applicants chosen from the 300 who applied for the Ignite Louisville Leadership Program.

It has been an educational time for me, as we’ve already started learning about what it takes to be a leader, both in my company and in my community. And I think this is going to be a great time, with people from different organizations and companies. We may come from different parts of Louisville, but we all have the same goal — being the best leader we can be.

Joining me for the Class of 2013 seven-month program are 51 other local non-profit organization members, federal and city government employees, Fortune 500 employees, and small business owners.

There’s a diverse mindset at Ignite Louisville. During our first two-day event, I met people who were risk averse and people who were risk takers, people who are aggressive and others who are timid. Reactive and proactive. Creative and analytical.

There’s a vigorous cross-section of ambitious people who, despite their differences, are all very energized and inspiring to be around. Leadership Louisville has chosen well, because I’ll be surrounded by a lot of brilliant people in a supportive learning environment.

During our initial time together, we participated in different activities designed to help us find our strengths and weaknesses. The Dale Carnegie Institute and Oliver Group presentations provided me with helpful feedback, and I’m already starting to use some of the information I’ve learned here at the office.

Seven months from now, I hope my Ignite Louisville training will improve my leadership skills, heighten my ability to keep employee morale high, be better in tune with my team, and enable me to work more effectively.

While I’m in the moment, running Interapt, I don’t have the luxury of being self-reflective and assessing my own performance; Ignite Louisville gives me the tools and opportunity to do so, and I think it’s going to make a big difference.

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