How Can Businesses Use Push Notification?

Businesses that are seeking a more direct, interactive relationship with their customers will want to incentivize and encourage their users to give them permission to engage them with push notifications on their mobile device.

If you use a mobile phone or tablet, you’re already familiar with push notifications. These are the little banners that appear on your home screen, telling you when something has happened involving one of their apps. Someone tweeted you. You received a +1 on Google+. It’s your move in Words with Friends. Homer just finished his 4-hour nap on Simpsons “Tapped Out.”

When it comes to businesses using push notifications, there are a myriad of uses for it. For example: TV stations that have an app can send a push notification reminding users that their favorite show is airing. They can just tap the notification and open the app for the channel and the time. The app developer is giving the user a direct path or link, rather than having the user dig around in the app and accidentally discover that channel and air-time.

An auto service center can target specific people with their apps using push notification, such as only targeting women for Wednesday oil change specials. A restaurant can send half-price appetizers during happy hour for anyone who hasn’t checked in on Foursquare within the last two weeks. And parents with children can be notified via their app that the local ice cream shop is running a two-hour special on a slow afternoon.

Some of these notifications can happen through the business’ own dedicated app, some are done in conjunction with other well-known apps like Facebook and Foursquare. But however they use them, business are only limited by their imagination, rather than their mobile app’s technological capabilities.

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