How Do You Overcome Push Notification Fatigue?

As smart phone users continue downloading and using apps, we’re starting to see a dearth of push notifications. We’re also seeing a lot of complaints from people who are sick of those same push notifications.

To avoid Push Notification Fatigue, we always advise app developers to remember a few important points about app development:

  1. The users can easily delete the app (Android and iOS make this very easy).
  2. The users have the power to turn those notifications on or off.

The app developers need deploy an obvious, simple interface that shows the users how turn those notifications on or off without feeling the need to delete the app. Burying the notification center in the app is not the optimum way to satisfy the users.

We also believe that as the user downloads the app and opts in, the developer should give them options that are very simple to understand, such as asking if they want all push notifications, or how they want to funnel their information. For example, with the Why Wait app, users can indicate their preference that they only receive specials from a specific restaurant or event.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for the fatigue from those incessant reminders of “Are You Sure You Want This Push Notification Turned Off?” every time you’re using another push notification service. In the future, app developers may recognize that the annoyance factor isn’t worth the low percentage of people who opt in.

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