What is Push Notification?

On June 17, 2009, Apple Inc. launched push notification on their iOS 3.0 and since then, we’ve never looked back. It’s hard to recall a time when our smart phones didn’t have a badge on every app’s icon, displaying the number of unread messages and updates, often accompanied by a sound effect, turning on your screen for a few seconds, so you can quickly leap into action and respond to the badge, even if it’s only to gaze upon the app adoringly, thankful for the latest Like or comment.

Push notification means users receive notification of new messages without having to actually open the application. The person or organization pushing the message can send it directly to specific users or take a mass approach. Both Android and iOS offer notification centers where you can see all of them.

Here at Interapt, we’re building an engine that sends out 100,000 push notifications per minute. The normal engine sends out 5,000 push notifications per minute, as a comparison. In emergency situations, such as an abduction, an accident reroute or a weather event, there is no delay in receiving a mission critical message when push notification is the delivery mechanism for that message.

Interapt’s new engine adds value in time-sensitive notifications. In the event of a situation where cell coverage isn’t optimal, push notification ensures the message still reaches the end user, and our new system ensures it reaches the largest mass of end users.

Push notifications are the lifeblood of every app, and done properly, can make the difference between users embracing the app or ignoring it completely.

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